[C-DRAMA] "Husbands' Secret Stash" Looking for Chinese-English Subbers

I’m the English Chief Editor on Husbands’ Secret Stash, a really hilarious little drama about men hiding their hard-earned cash from their significant others and sometimes failing badly.

Almost all of my sub team are students or have become unavailable. I am in need of any interested subtitlers who can help me finish this drama. It’s a challenge because the characters often mumble, I’m told. So if you’re up to this challenge and have good skills or would like to learn, please send me a message on my Viki account found on the drama’s title page under the Team Title. Please only agree if you’re truly available, I’m an old woman who would like to finish this gem before I need angel wings. I’ll be at your beck and call on a daily basis, I promise. Or you can post in this thread and leave your Viki user name. So feel free to come and join me!


Choesook, my dear old lady ;P, it’s me, again, Cher Lock! (So many commas >.<) I’m just posting here so that potential subbers don’t get scared off by the mumbling you mentioned this series has.

To the future subbers:
Head over here to see the transcripted version of the show to help you in subbing this show. You know, for when you can’t decipher what they’re saying? It’s accessible outside of China, too.

Husband’s Secret Stash - Youku

Good luck!

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Thank you so much, my wonderful Cher_lock. I am glad you came to save me!:kissing_heart:

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Don’t leave us so soon!

This drama is really funny, though I couldn’t understand almost anything without subs except one scene where he was buying turtles for luck and was scammed by the street seller XD It was really funny just looking at this: the street seller managed to convince one of the main char to buy all the family turtle (mama turtle, daddy turtle…) and to buy it, the main char even bartered his watch (phew, he saved his iPhone!)

The main tone of this drama is comedy, we feel light when we watch this. I’m sure with subtitles, it would be hilarious to watch.
And the kids are so cute! There’s one girl, I forgot her name, was it Lily? She was such a cutie pie!

There were some moments that were really sad, like breakup => trust is so important in a couple, like the woman thought that her husband was in an adultery relationship with one of her friends.
Also, health problems => I don’t know what kind of illness one of the main characters had, was it a terminal illness??
And some were like daily life scenes: after a breakup, you go with your sisters to karaoke XD

This big family is really endearing through their crazy story. I kinda like it, it reminded me Ode to Joy because it was following the story not of neighbours in the same building, but people in the same family and it was not something too stretched out of ordinary + love stories were kinda realistic compared to dramaland + couples stories, young couple, older couple, China culture with parents/their daughter in law.

I didn’t know these actors, and also, some people might not want to watch it because they have standards in beauty in what they watch.
I didn’t like the opening song but the ending song, OMG.
“Happiness is waking up every day to see your smile” Aaahh, it’s simple but beautiful. It’s a romantic, languid song. Each time, I fell upon this song when segmenting, I had a stupid smile on my face.
I began to become attached to characters, their story, their daily problems, their life. I miss it for sure.


Kekeke… I’l try! :smiley:
What a great review! I am really getting into it and laughing a lot while editing.
It really is a drama about real life and just living each day as it comes.

The first ever Chinese drama I watched with my husband eons ago was like this one. We still laugh whenever we think of the mother-in-law character who every time she got angry she would beat a child’s two-sided drum until she broke it one day.

Each one of these characters has a good side and a bad side and is totally human. Like we all sometimes have to laugh or go crazy. And sometimes the things we do may not make sense but are necessary. I’m throughly enjoying it so far.

This drama is what I call a “sleeper” not because it’s boring or uninteresting, but because you’d often be inclined to pass it up and will have missed a really uniquely good drama.

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Wow, you both have written great adverts for this show :smile: I hope people will now be interested to check it out!

There’s another C-Drama I think is particularly funny and in the same genre as this show. It’s called ‘Hey, Daddy!’ (Honestly, idk why they named it that cuz the if you translate the Chinese title 嘿,老头! it’s actually ‘Hey, Old Man!’). Quite funny, do check it out! I’m casually subbing over there.

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That is a good one too! I hope it goes well for you!

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I wish I could help, but my Chinese is still very basic. Sometimes I get optimistic and think:
"Hey, I understood that."And then that short sentence is followed by something very complicated
and I think…“Nevermind.” :cold_sweat:

Good luck finding people though!


Thank you! I know the feeling. I’m to the point where I can very infrequently say, “I know what they said!” I’m more like “Laverne and Shirley”'s “Sha Meal…Sha Mazel…etc.” which almost sounds like Mandarin to me now.:grinning:


Hi Choesook, I can help. Please add me to the team, and send me a message through Viki if possible as I don’t check the newsgroup as much. :slight_smile:

See you soon!


Sure thing! Good to see you again! Thank you so much!

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