C-drama subtitling help

Am I the only one genuinly struggling subtitling or learning how to subtitle this C-drama or is this just a hard one??

like help how is this translatable without it sounding weird? (Eng-Dutch)

Je hoeft geen nieuw topic te opnen. Je kan vertaalvragen hier stellen en dan heb je meteen de juiste doelgroep mee


is this mysterious love? it is difficult to translate in the beginning but the rest is relevantly easier

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Seems like the CE didn’t do a good job on this particular sub.

This is not about finding a good translation to Dutch. This is about finding a good translation in English first.


ah, goed om te weten dank je wel!

no idea, it’s a sample video :smiley:


Now, that is hilarious! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Ah, I think I saw this in a sample video.
Well, the meaning is clear enough.
Due to radiation, some humans were transformed, gaining supernatural powers. Now they are called …
If you know the context (and how the sentence goes on), you will be able to tweak “eccentric people comparable to the sky” which doesn’t make much sense. Maybe they mean “Special, god-like people” because they have those abilities.