Can anyone tag some hindi subbers?


Hello, Can anyone tag some trustworthy HINDI SUBBERS. And if anyone is there do message me :
Link to me profile :
If anyone is interested, do text me :slight_smile:
Have a nice day :wink:


Hi, @shuchismitabasu2007

Most of the hindi subbers don’t visit discussions so its a waste of time for you to create topics here.

The active hindi volunteers on discussions I know are @thesnowflake @vivi_1485 @shraddhasingh and @aditya20

Better contact the above people by privately messaging them on their inbox. And ask for the profiles of their subbers and message those subbers and ask them whether they are interested or not.


Ahh I’m not an active Hindi volunteer :sweat_smile: I used to be one, but I wasn’t good at it and quit.

Am I confusing you all by participating in Discussions? I’ll refrain from doing so in the future.


What do you mean?
Discussions is not for volunteers only it’s for everyone.


She means the info in her discussions profile bio.

Hahha @vivi_1485 sorry dear! Next time I won’t tag you :wink:. I thought you are still subbing in hindi.


I know, but I’ve been getting a LOT of invites recently, so I was wondering…


Hey I’m a hindi subber


Contact @shraddhasingh


Thanks you @padmalaynag ^^