Can Viki stop putting my posts in Team Discussion in moderation?! It's very annoying!

I was just working on a project and I was running into some issues, what’s new on Viki these days, so I wanted to explain it in TD so the team was aware and could look into it and maybe know an other way to solve it. But what did Viki do?! They put that post in moderation… then I tried again… moderation again… GEEZ VIKI!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage: And of course we all know those post will be in moderation forever because Viki doesn’t care.

Not every post that contains “subs” or something similar is begging for subs or has a link to illegal sites!

How can teams work in peace on Viki when this happens?!


It’s really annoying, but I now always put extra spaces in between each letter for words like “sub,” “subs,” “translate,” just to avoid being flagged. So I’d have to write “s u b” or “t r a n s l a t e” or something like that.


Yesterday mine got moderated because I wrote “Into episode 1 for first English editing”
What on earth might have triggered them? Should I put an asterisk or a hyphen after every word?


I think “editing” might be a trigger word, too. I usually put spaces in the word “e d i t” as well.


I’ve sometimes this issue and my only solution since years is also to put extra space into my words to let my comment be posted. It’s the only way. Everything that is related to sub must be written with extra space but is more laborious to post a comment. Sensible words : subs, edit, translation, translate, team, subtitle. But when you’re contributing it’s a big issue because those are useful words and that we always write. Thank you big brother Viki !


English was the trigger word. All languages have been flagged. Pretty much anything that calls Viki to a comment that sounds like a complaint for more subtitles. As per a Viki source, when comments are about languages being too slow, or missing subs, or no subs… they swoop in. Of course disqus doesn’t know that the TD and the comment section of dramas are different.

List I’ve discovered:
every language including English
curse words (even some mild ones)
any website
certain body parts (of sexual nature)
derogatory words (gender based)


Ha ha yes, I figured as much. So even if someone writes “The English subtitles were wonderful”, it will be held for moderation!

My last message went:
"Episode 2 first Englis h e d i t ready. "
They might think I’m a moron and a poor editor for writing like this, but I briefly explained it afterwards.

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They finally took care of this issue


:speech_balloon: Team Discussion

We are happy to announce that all newly created channels’ “Team Discussions” will no longer have any subtitle-related filters.

What does this mean?
Channels created after January 17th, 2023 (PST) will now be able to use words like “subtitle” and “translate” without needing to worry about being pre-filtered by the system and waiting for moderation review. :wink:

Which channels will still have the word block?
In order to keep all of your current Team Discussion messages/conversations, ALL channels created before January 17th, 2023 will still have the filters* in place.

We hope that this new update will help all of you communicate on Team Discussions more smoothly.

*Please note that all public comments on all channels (new and old) will continue to have subtitle-related filters.

[Viki Community Team] January 2023 Updates

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English is one of the triggers. I just spent 20 minutes working that out. In the end, I used… Ëńğļiśħ. That was probably overkill as just one of the non-English characters usually does the job.


Nowadays I write “Ep 9 EN ed done”. It does the job.


This looks like going back to “messaging text style” like on old cell phones that didn’t have a full qwerty display :rofl:, but it does the job :wink:

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We are happy to announce that all newly created channels’ “Team Discussions” will no longer have any subtitle-related filters.

They are always finding a way to give a candy and take it back. They did only mentioned the word SUBTITLE/TRANSLATE related filters were the ones they worked on.

Now they need to make it work better for ALL the other words that trigger moderation or deletion of a message in TD. I hope they get to the word ENGLISH now, not years from now. It will help if the people encountering these kinds of problems/issue, make a list of those words that need to be taken care of, and post them here to make them aware that more effort has to be done in order for communication to flow ‘‘smoothly’’ in TD between the teams.

Wow. How many years has it taken for this to occur? Having competition for viewers from other “Asianese” drama websites is probably what lit a fire under someone’s rear end.

Someone somewhere made a decision because of the bottom line, not because of common sense. But at least a small but meaningful change has been made.

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It seems it was a small change since the problem still there with other words like @manganese mentioned before. It’s a shame that so many things are going on here, and with no hope of things getting resolved within a decent amount of time, and FULLY fixed not halfway done.

I honestly miss TD communication between the teams.

Hey, we could even say
“Shakespeare’s idiom done”.

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It’s a shame that ALL volunteers have to do any extra work just so they can communicate with each other in TD section. They should have more consideration towards non paid volunteers that are trying to their work by communicating with the OL teams. This is something that is an essential part of working here at RVIKI, and it shouldn’t have gotten to this point. Who does it benefit? What does doing this accomplish that may benefit RViki? Is there something we don’t know, and we will never know as to why it was done? I know…why bother ask, when no answers will ever be given.:rofl::rofl::rofl: