[Viki Community Team] January 2023 Updates

Happy New Year Everyone! :confetti_ball: We would like to thank you all for being part of the Viki Community. We look forward to more fun and exciting things to come in this new year! :heart:

With the new year now starting we have some exciting new updates!

:sparkles: Spring Badge Animal Poll

Thank you for all your badge animal suggestions! We had over 300 responses, and narrowed them down to the top 10 most popular animal choices.

Be sure to vote, and final results will be revealed in next month’s newsletter. The poll will close on Jan 27th PST. Don’t forget!

:arrow_forward: Go to Form

:speech_balloon: Team Discussion

We are happy to announce that all newly created channels’ “Team Discussions” will no longer have any subtitle-related filters.

What does this mean?
Channels created after January 17th, 2023 (PST) will now be able to use words like “subtitle” and “translate” without needing to worry about being pre-filtered by the system and waiting for moderation review. :wink:

Which channels will still have the word block?
In order to keep all of your current Team Discussion messages/conversations, ALL channels created before January 17th, 2023 will still have the filters* in place.

We hope that this new update will help all of you communicate on Team Discussions more smoothly.

*Please note that all public comments on all channels (new and old) will continue to have subtitle-related filters.

:partying_face: NSSA 9th Year Anniversary

Can you all believe that it has been nine (9) years since the launch of the Ninja Academy?
We would like to thank everyone who has been, and is currently, a part of the Ninja Academy. We look forward to many more years to come! :partying_face:

:dragon: Fall Subathon Badges

Once again, a big thank you to all who joined and participated in our 2022 Fall Subathon! :dragon: We would like to apologize for the delay in granting subathon participants their dragon badges. We are currently working on resolving some technical difficulties we’ve been experiencing, and hope to get those to you as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience!:heavy_heart_exclamation:

:gift: Year-End QC Gift

Please stay tuned for the 2022 year-end QC gift! We will be sending out a survey within the next few weeks to gather your gift preference info. :gift:


Hi have we fill the form to participate in January subathon?

The link doesn’t work.


It happens, how long has it been, but holy moly finally something that will help the channel crew. Happy for anyone who had to endure this well, it will gradually change, since it can’t be changed for older channels, but let’s just say … Hurray! :clap:


… no subathon in January, only the vote for the next badge animal for the subathon coming in Spring.


Wow, awesome, all the news!

Could you guys fix the 500 error? It’s unbearable, really… I can’t access my profile neither do watch, which is a big deal since I’m paying for it…
Asap pls🫶


The link seems to work now (at least for me).


Wainting for UNICORN as next badge animal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::rofl:

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Error 440 also :slight_smile:


Happy New Year Everyone!


I thought this issue was fixed in TD but it isn’t. What a let down again. The “get VikiPass” button just won’t get away in the viki app either… while I have VikiPass.


It was fixed on new channels. You can recognize them by the absence of the like button.