Can we talk about how dissapointing the ending of "marry him if u dare" was?

i seriously cannot believe it.this is the worst ending ive ever so upset.i could cry lol

Really really really BAD ending!!!

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yes what the heck! terrible last episodes, how can she accepted that role?

well not the worst, there have others like a love to kill! I did not know what the heck happened
and then Bad guy! I didn’t even go back and see the las episode with the subs it was so disappointing!!

by the way what the heck is happening to free videos? why are they forcing us to pay a monthly fee??? all the subs are done by volunteers! and you know the worst part is that they sell this subs to drama fever it just terrible! That is why I stopped subbing years ago!

The ending was really BAD!! its really dissapointing!

The writer-nim’s neck needs to be strangled!
I thought I signed up for a romance-comedy drama. What romance? The only love story is about the future Mirae and the future Kim Shin, oh and also Oppa’s!
Great casts, BAD writing…

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Ah yes, we’ve discussed this so many times. And yet, none of the volunteers are complaining about it but those who actually do none…

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ahh!!! it is so dissapointing when they made the love so deep only to not show us how it was fullfilled!!! uggghh i guess the writer couldnt decide on who she would pick and they didnt even kiss!!! maybe he felt bad for yonghwa’s character but mi rae loved kim shin more!! (even tho,at first i wanted her to be with yonghwa) lol needs to be strangled xD

@Angel222 and @Pachiwis it was!!! ugghh so angry whyyyyyy after all they were showing the love of those characters and them suffering over eachother only to leave it like that?? and then OLD na mi rae didnt even have a happy ending!! she went back to change her life and nothing changed! her brother was still dead,she had no family,maybe the only thing that happened might be she ended with kim shin?

@mezleona if that wasnt the worst to u then those shows u mentioned must be really bad!!! now i know what NOT to watch… what happens? OMG it mustve been just as confusing and some of the WORST are also “BIG” and “MONSTAR” ending and a little bad was “KPOP EXTREME SURVIVAL” just because it was low ratings doesnt mean they have to give a bad ending!! they said marry him if u dare was low too

what a waste of awesome great actors!! they are too good to leave like that

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Yo realmente quiero saber con quien queda es injusto, por eso lo vi asta el final.

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i understand a little spanish,and i undertsood your sentence lol!! i tottally feel the same!!! grrrrrr!!! >:( excuse my spanish i understand it but am bad at speaking/writing it. here we go (also with the help of google translate):

yo he entendido lo que tu está diciendo! yo quería saber tambien!! estaba muy malo el final de ese drama!!! Me siento muy molesto y enojado, Quiero llorar lol

wasted time/tiempo perdido

yes it certainly was a Very Bad Ending! Shame on You, Writers for not carrying through…

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Was ist that bad? i was waiting until the end because i don´t want to be dissapointed … If you all say that it was so bad i´m not going to watch it

i think… u should watch it (gasp! shock! lol) believe it or not ONLY BECAUSE u should never leave something unfinished and u should at least find out what happened. because i would want to know what happened instead of never knowing about it but YES it did suck badd in a STUPID POINTLESS kind of way.

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Well, I believe that everything is beautiful written until episode 15. Episode 16 is dissapointing

I liked the idea of paralel realities Elderly Na Mi-Rae couldn’t change her reality. However it was nice finding out in the end that Kim Shin was still alive and waiting for her

I did not like 3 things

  1. We didn’t find out who she chose. If someone hadn’t explained that the man in the pictures was her son, I wouldn’t have figured it out. Very vague

  2. She led them both on at their one-on-one discussions they had in the last episode

  3. Seo Yoo-Kyung lost the man she was supposed to marry


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Actually Bad Guy was not that bad i think. At first i didn´t undertstand what happened but i think the last episode shows that they want to start a new life without looking back and without lies and so on. But you are right it´s a little bit confusing and dissappointing in a way

And A Love to kill… That was the worst ending ever i totally agree

I exactly hated those thingss. it sucked also for seo yoo-kyung.

what happened in a love to kill?