Can you remove hard subs from a video to avoid double subtitle lines?

Looking for help with @mychaela,
is there a way to remove the English hardsubbed subtitles which appear behind the new blackboxed English subtitles? Is it not like CC that you can turn on and off.
Does anyone has experience how to juggle that? This is about the Gye Baek historical drama
where Viki provided a “re-licenced video but with English hard subs”.
Any recommendation is much appreciated :+1:


I’m not profession on this, but I haven’t heard any hardsubbed video, converting it to raw video. I’m an encoder before and I hardsubbed video. When the video is done in encoding which putting the soft subbed to raw video permanently, you cannot return it back to being raw again. Unless, there is a new software or a program which we can reverse this hardsubbed video. This is why soft subbed been introduced in subbing world :slight_smile:


I would just turn off the English subtitles if you are watching one of those kinds of shows.
For Jumong for example, we requested the hard subtitles be removed as we finish them… but they ignored us.
So we could not move forward to subtitle Jumong.


thanks Sophie, that is a good idea and works just for the English subs, for other languages the English HS are still there. This is what I was told:

  • … the Hardsubs, sadly this is the Soompi version of Gye Baek, integrate subtitles comes with the video and we can’t remove them. I even ask Viki if they can provide us the original videos without the HS and HD quality. Sadly they say no. Because they lost the license, and the can’t even provide us the old subtitles and segments because them were deleted._.
    I was told that Gye Baek once was totally translated here on Viki, it was true, but as I said, the Staff just gave me bad news…

So there goes the HS sticking on the screen :disappointed:


Thank you everyone for your answer, we just wanted to find an alternative solution :slight_smile:
Sadly, there is nothing we can do :pensive:

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Hello Everyone,

I have great news~!
We can block out the hard subs with a black box. :smiley:
@mychaela @simi11 - Are there other hard subbed titles you are working on besides Gye Baek?

Please feel free to reach out to me via PM with the titles you would like us to work on.
Our ops team would be more than happy to assist.

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day. :slight_smile:


Awesome :grin::grinning: there’s Air City and My Life’s Golden Age right?

Yep! Those two titles are included!! :smiley:

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:grin::smiley: Ohhh thank you so much :smiley:

Is there any chance to be able to see both lines of subs if we want to?

Sorry, I don’t think that’s possible as of now, unless the subtitles are on top of each other. :frowning:

Please tell me that the hardsubs will still be there to transcribe them. I am working (CM) on “Air City” and “One Fine Day” and we need them until we finish transcribing.

You can see it. Just make sure the pause play etc buttons are there too. Then they don’t overlap.

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Yes, the hardsubs should still be there. Let us know when you are ready. Thanks! :slight_smile:

We’ll probably finish “One Fine Day” before “Air City.” I’ll be in touch with you when we complete them. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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thank you for the good news, I sent the link to @ladyvillegas she is CM of Gyebaek! As far I remember the second subs over hardsubs are in a blacked box but it’s only as tall as the subtitle letters, meaning they are not always in sync with hards subs so you can still see HS above or below…

I believe someone is transcribing also The Duo… @mirna023_316, @mahoula

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Hi simi11~
Thanks for bringing this up. It looks like a lot of our users are transcribing the videos, which is great!
So what I’ll do is list some solutions that can be feasible for everyone :slight_smile:

  1. We can hold off on placing the black box for the titles that are being transcribed
  2. We will look into the possibility of sending the hard subs as text files (like scripts) to CMs and Moderators
  3. If the black boxes are erroneously placed before the transcribing has been finished, we can undo the black boxes, then reapply them once the team is done.

:smiley: Let me know if you have other suggestions. Love to hear from you.


Yes, we are in the same situation with the “The Duo.” We are almost at the halfway mark.

I would rather keep as is on the projects I have so we can finish it up. Once it is done, then by all means. We transcribe and then translation edit for accuracy, after that, the hardsubs are not needed. Just my thoughts.


Dear Clara, these options sound great!! I hope other vikians will read these options and perhaps this could be included in the nssa guidelines, perhaps I should ask @amypun ?
(I almost deleted this post after I learnt earlier that it was impossible to delete HS , I guess Im glad I didn’t. :blush:)

  • Perhaps folks who work with Hardsubs might have other questions or suggestions.

Thanks again!

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Sure sure~ :slight_smile:
I’d love to hear other suggestions, too.

Thanks, simi11! Have a great day!