Can you remove hard subs from a video to avoid double subtitle lines?

Ok, I look for some new and let you know, but now gotta eat dinner :wink: I think I wrote some in the recent survey, can’t remember what I wrote though, lol.
Thank you and be well Clara :+1:
Regards, from the Eastcoast :rowboat:


I see, thanks

please please please do this for Jumong!!!
There are many many people interested in seeing it!!

Also I am slowly translation editing New Heart (another being transcribed drama)… ep 1 is done 2.1 and half of 2.2 is done. Between crappynet and W airing… and subbing Hidden Identity, I do that. @mahoula


Jumong is on the list! :smiley:


Thank you! @lacruiser yay!!! we can begin work!

Thank you so much Clara for bringing this!! I’m really happy that other viewers could see subtitles in their favorite language :slight_smile:

My channels are “My life’s golden age” and “Gye Baek” and I just saw that they already had the black box.

Really, thank you so much for this!
Clara, you had always given me the best messages :smiley:


Dear Clara,
sent you a P.M., posting it here as well. Please show some love to Soulmate.

Hi there a question about subtitles!

I tried downloading a nirvana episode 1 subtitle, but when I watch it using my tv it comes out like this

00:00:00,400 --> 00:00:11,800
Subbed and Timed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki

00:01:23,200 --> 00:01:29,200
Nirvana in Fire

00:01:29,200 --> 00:01:32,300
Episode 01

but when I watch it on Viki ther are no 's

how do I download the clean subtitle??

Watch on Viki and the subtitles will be clean :grin:

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Delete it manually seems to be the only way?

Hi All,

You should now see the black boxes for blocking the hard subs on most titles now.
@mirna023_316 Duo, One Fine Day, and Air City will be updated once you let me know that the teams are finished transcribing them. Thank you all for your dedication!
Please PM me if you have any questions.



Just saw them on Soulmate. Thank you!!!

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Sounds great @anon27228197. We should be done with One Fine Day very soon and the other two shortly after. I will PM you directly. Thanks.

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@anon27228197 I’ve been working on “when it’s at night” and black boxes have been added behind our subs, but the boxes don’t cover up (in most cases) all of the hard subs. It’s awful!! Is there some other method that you’re talking about? If not, will there be some other method?

Oh no! :frowning: I’m so sorry to hear that. This is probably the only method we have now, because this will at least differentiate the hard subs against the new subs and also ensure that different language subs (other than English) will be more visible. Let me try asking if there’s anything more we can do.

Thanks for your response. I’ve seen the black boxes against hard subs in languages in other than English, and it’s not the most beautiful thing in the world, but it doesn’t bother me too much. However, English over English hard subs can be really confusing and hard to read at times (because sometimes there Is much that isn’t covered). I have wondered if it’s possible to just cover the whole bottom of the picture with a black box. But would that be too obstructive?

A black band going from one side to the other? Wouldn’t it be too much like a funeral?

x} That’s something that wouldn’t have occurred to me.

Maybe that’s not a custom in your country… Putting black bands on sleeves, hats, and even on business cards and such?

Not so much (in the U.S.), at least during my lifetime. It’s something I would recognize, if I saw it on a sleeve, but it’s not at the forefront of my consciousness. I wouldn’t know what it meant on hats, etc.