Can't access subtitle editor or segment editor. NEED HELP

I just joined the subbing/segmenting team for “Man comes to tang dynasty”. I would really like to start subbing and segmenting but my account won’t let me. I tried two different computers,browsers, you name it; but are of no avail. So I asking do I have to create a new account and rejoin the team? Or is there any recommendation anyone can give me that I have not looked at. Thanks in advance my fellow Vikians. Have a good evening.


Are you getting a blank dark gray screen when you try to access the editor and timer? (Because that’s what just happened for me.)

But considering I can access other videos, I would take a guess and say it’s something on Viki’s end? You could contact a channel manager / mod to ask about it, but I’d suggest just sending in a ticket for tech support to the Help Center.