Channel Approval. Your channel isn't always visible for everyone

I noticed that lately there are many topics where people looking for team members when links do not work or when there is already an other channel for it.

Please remember that before you get a PM by Viki staff about the fact whether or not your channel is approved the channel is only visible for yourself. When there already is a channel they will tell you who the channel manager is and your channel will be deleted.

Sometimes when you can’t find a channel for a series doesn’t mean there is no channel. So it’s best to wait before recruiting team members because it can be for nothing if your channel is denied and deleted.
For more info go here

Nobody knows, next to Viki staff, when your channel will be approved or denied, can be within a day, a week or even months.


Hi Dudie.
The channel “Family Secrets” That I submitted, Its been two weeks or more since I submitted it. I checked through the search engine on viki, and it wasn’t there that is why i submitted, I checked the link you showed me for more information. And I think all the points for approval is good. So why isn’t mine approved yet.

I don’t know… One of my channels was denied just a week or 2 ago while I did submit it months ago.

2 or 3 weeks isn’t uncommon for Viki to reply regarding channel approval. Part of the difficulty is that there are often different names for the same show due to translations or even sometimes the producer changes the name themselves. Someone from Viki has to have the time to research the request and sometimes they don’t find one that exists.

Some shows get turned down quickly because Viki isn’t licensing shows from the country of origin at the time. Some might be because they are movies and not serials … there is a variety of reasons why a show might get turned down.

Depending on the show, they might permit you to have the channel but prevent you from posting videos until a license is reached. Different companies that own the rights have different rules that they enforce on Viki. Until you get the go-ahead from Viki, only you will likely be able to see the show you submitted and then only after a day or two. You might be allowed to have a fan channel until such time as they get a license … they will tell you. If they allow a fan channel it doesn’t always mean they have opened it up for others to see yet. If you do a search on your channel and it shows up then others can see it. If it is still a fan channel then only QCs can see it. When Viki tells you they have the license then everyone will be able to see it.

I never bother with setting up anything on a channel other than basic stuff until I KNOW others can see it and work on it. They don’t seem to permit fan channels as often as they used to (it seems to me) and licensing can take a long time and they might never get it. Viki doesn’t always win the rights to show a big drama as they have to compete for those rights.


How do you make a fan channel? I mean, can you make it even before viki approve what you submit?I’m really confused about that…can anyone explain?

Fan channels still have to be approved by the viki staff.
They only approve it if there isn’t another channel already submitted/existing with the same title/content.

The only difference between a fan channel and a regular channel is the license. Fan channels don’t have licenses, so it’s riskier to put of videos (especially k-dramas… you know their rules…) AND it can’t be viewed on mobile devices (like through the viki app). BUT with a regular channel, viki has obtained the license to upload that drama AND it’s can possibly be viewed on mobile devices :slight_smile:

Thank you :smile:

Oh, is that so? I recently applied to be a QC, and I still haven’t been approved yet. But I am wondering, there is this fan channel that are still asking for us would-be-viewers to request for the license. Does the fact that me, a non-QC being able to view the fan channel means that it has already been approved?

@faithwilds That statement is incorrect.

You can think of there being three “states” of a channel.

  1. Pending channel
  2. Fan channel (Approved channel)
  3. Licensed channel (Approved channel)

Pending channels are only visible to staff and the channel creator. If you want to test whether your channel has been approved, just open it in a private/incognito window. (Alternatively, log out of your account and then check the channel.) If you can see it when you’re not logged in, then it’s visible to the rest of the world.

Approved channels can take the form of either a fan or licensed channel. Once they’re approved, the channel itself will be visible to all users/visitors. On licensed channels, videos and subs will only be available to viewers in regions that the channel is licensed for.

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Oh, understood. Thank you for explaining :smile:

I made a request for a channel of The Package, a drama that hasn’t even been filmed yet and will be released in early 2017 (so there are no videos, of course)
My request has been approved, and if you look at my projects you will find me as Manager of that.
Viki created a page with the picture I submitted (which is my own work, I made it in Photoshop)
This is the link.
By the way, can you people see the page?
BUT if I search for this title, it is not there. Whereas other shows which still haven’t been aired or filmed are found normally with a search. For example Black Cat

It’s not that I want to start recruiting a team, it’s just that I’m curious, how does this work.

Only after someone from Viki sends you a message saying that your channel is approved, it will be visible for the rest of us. Right now it isn’t. They’ll let you know if you get it or who gets it, so you can ask to work on it. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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So you cannot see the page from my link, right?
This is strange.
If it is not approved, why did they make the page with the picture I sent them, and put my name on it as Channel Manager?

Nope, can’t see it.

When you submit a channel, it looks like a normal fan channel to you but no one else can see it until it is approved. It is kind of a placeholder until it goes live when approved. They’ll let you know if it is approved. When is the question. Sometimes it takes days or sometimes weeks to hear back.

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Aaaaahhh… Now I see.

I have a question. Let say you create a fan channel, how do you send to get approve? Thank you!

You don’t actually create it. You send a request to viki help (I have the link on my profile page if you cannot find it) saying “I would like to make this new channel”, name, country of show, description, pictures, whatever you like.
After this, they make a page for you, which shows in your projects. BUT this page is not visible to anyone else. If you click the link, you can see it, but if you give the link to someone else, they don’t. So it is still like an unborn child.
Only after they approve it it will be visible to everybody and searchable. It will still be a fan page, if the show is not licenced, but at least it will be visible to all.

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I have one case lol I requested a fan channel and it was visible only to me after certain days. After a few days, the page just disappears!! Nowhere can be found. I wish they would send a message if the page is not approved and if not they should provide reason for disapproval. I send a message to help center to know what happen but they just told me that someone already reaches to me through PM but no one. I still waiting for their answer :confused:

They didn’t send you that message? I wonder why they don’t do so anymore. They used to do that although they forgot it a few times for my pending channels in the past too.

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I would assume this should be a common courtesy that VIKI would inform folks when they do not approve of a channel, it takes 15-30 seconds to make that email/ perhaps they even have a standard response.