Channel Cover Page with New Layout - Bug?


Hi, have you guys noticed that the cover pages are now all cut off almost in half on the channels?
What’s up with that @vikicommunity? My beautiful cover, the one I spent so much time making it, is now cut off.
What is the new dimension for the cover? Why did it change? Is it a bug?


And here I was thinking it was an error on my HTML code that was making the page so big. Turn out it was a Viki issue and not a me issue :eyes:


Not all cover pages, no. See here:


Definitely not.


Those are all showing cut off to me on the PC and on my phone too.


Yep, just like that


My zoom is at 80% and I see all cover pages just fine ^^


I know, is because you “downsized” and it appears. I’m talking about 100% It was ok and now is cut off. The standard size was 805 pixels and now I don’t know why is less than that and why was that? Why the change? And what is the size now? @vikicommunity we need our cover to show, what happened?


Huh I just set my zoom to 80% and that seemed to do the trick. Interesting…


I see the whole thing. I am on Opera browser with zoom 100%.
Hmm… The plot thickens!


Mine is chrome and explorer :eyes:


I’ve just checked… And one more sad info on the website… Horizontal cover won’t work anymore…
I don’t know if we were just using a bug, and they patched it, but now only regular sized (805px) cover like before seems to be accepted. Big cover were so much better! We didn’t have to scroll all the way down…

@vikicommunity Please change this! I already stopped doing cover because there’s no designer role, because cover are not received as they should be.

How I liked receiving newsletters with best design and discovering new talents. Good Old time!

Edit: On chrome, if you want to see the full cover, you have to be at 50% zoom. I’m not sure anyone is using 50 % -_-’


And yet it shows cut on 100%
I have to go down to 75% to see it full.


It’s probably depending on your screen size? I see the one I did in the past with 805px fine at 100%
But they should probably inform us on what they did and what size is optimal for everyone.

Still, I would like them to allow us 1200px like before :sob:


I am using Edge at 100% and the only one that appears cut off is the one in the original post. Any other drama I chose at random appeared normally.


Even at the time you did our last cover I couldn’t see it, and that was many months ago (was it Melancholia?). You hadn’t noticed? I probably should have told you, but then I got sick.


I didn’t know at the time… I was seeing them fine, so I thought it should be okay for others… But well, designs will probably be gone in the near future (like us) so, I won’t bother too much with it, like everything else.
It’s okay, you had to deal with other things! (Glad you’re back and safe :slight_smile:)


So, even for that horizontal layout, there were people that saw it normally and people who didn’t. Just like now with the vertical layout. And in that case I was in the category of the ones who didn’t.
The plot thickens even more.


I did and I thought it’s my problem somehow :joy:


@vikicommunity I would also like to know that, all my covers look awful cut off like that, so knowing the new dimension would spare us a lot of time, or if it just a bug we don’t need to change anything at all.