Channel Manager Qualifications

Congrats :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed::wink::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


I think it was one thing case that you got cm dear. After this nothing changes, same people constantly got cm and others don’t. I don’t blame them, it’s just Viki thing to manage and they are not doing it right if things like that happens. For sure Viki staff read this post, but I guess nothing will change. Never. It’s pointless to aply for cm.


How that possible for a person to got two shows in a row one after another, one in September and second one now in November. Tho this cm didn’t even reply to my application, at least “no thank you” would be required as a gesture of good manners. And some my friends didn’t even got one this year. Viki iso called rules don’t exciste. I’m just thinking sometimes that there’s spinning wheel for cm choosing.


The “serial CMs” have never even been without a channel all year because they get chosen again as soon as their show finishes or even before that. They may get several shows at once while most of us get nothing or very little. And it all started when Viki got new staff.
With a spinning wheel, most of us would have more chance of being selected than we do now.

And Viki’s idea of “finished” is subs in English and popular OL. These subs can be of any quality whatsoever, as long as they exist. Anyone who actually tries to deliver good work won’t be appreciated. Time is money.


Yep, I got 'ya B.

Same as here. I saw the same person who got a channel at October getting another channels after just finishing the english and portuguese subs (A friend told me that the Eng and Por was done and just waited 24 hours before another project comes)… like… “Two important languages that were completed within our timing. Let’s give him/her another gift for achieving our main goal” as if the whole thing up about being a CM does not mattered. And the best, I assume, did not even saw every application, did not replied to everyone… (That’s what I can see just looking by the timing and how the person make his/her choices) - I even applied, but no reply… I bet this person just saw the first 5-8 messages that he/she received and make a choice, without considering the potentials contributors. (I speak for myself who also tried to be part of the team on the previous project and got a reply like… 10-12 days after the team was settled and the project was on going. :woman_shrugging:) - (I’m not saying that this person needs to be more tuned on these things and forget about real life, but… If you apply to be a CM I assume you have plenty of time and responsibility for this and probably knows your day and life better enough to not get a burden bigger than you.)
And what maybe this person just don’t give a thing about: 1. Finishing the projects in OL Languages and checking if everything is fine. (What about the quality dear?) 2. Checking timmed comments ('cause I saw some bullsh*t at there and I don’t think it’s following the rules. 3. Getting a time for another application (which I think it would be great if after some time the person who got appointed/got a CM have just like a cooldown, this would be fair and there would be more opportunities for others) 4. Update everything and, at least that’s what I expect, give a Thanks card or something to make the project remarkable (Show some feelings for it, you know?) Now… have this person considered all those things? Idk, maybe we’ll never know.

Anyway… I’m not chasing anyone! I’m just saying what I see and saw, 'cause if we start this matter futher we’ll discover a bunch of other contributors who also are getting manyyyy channels one after other and VIKI does not give a thing about it. The staff needs to make better choices, as soon as possible. But we can never forget about a thing, since that’s what VIKI always remember us, “time is money B :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:”. Also… I got a problem again at my VIKI App with the chromecast thing maybe that’s why I’m soooo p*ssed off today, spare my words pls!


You made some very good points, but I don’t agree with two of them.

Oh, this can happen very easily. Just before a project starts, the CM has a zillion things to do - even if they are not also a language moderator. Choosing the team, if you want to do a good job, means visiting profile pages and doing detective work to find out whether this person has really finished their ongoing projects and how many they have at that point (yes, they cannot be more than 5, but you know there are loopholes, and even 5 is too much, if they are all on-going and not some dormant/stagnating). If you don’t know the language and the person as a collaborator, you have to ask around, there’s a back and forth of messages with lots and lots of people. And of course, for the popular languages like Spanish and Portuguese you will have more than 15-20 applications. Plus of course finding the English team, the cover designer and all that jazz.
The present inbox doesn’t help either. You cannot make a neat little folder with the name of the project and put all relevant correspondence in it, to find it easily whenever you want. No. Messages go down the list, and you don’t even have a “search” feature so that you can hunt them down by keywords like the name of the project (that is IF the person who wrote had the wits to write that in the subject, and not, for example, a lame subject such as just “Spanish moderator”.
In this chaos, it’s very easy that a message was read (so not “bold” anymore), you absolutely had no time to reply to it right away but told yourself “I will do this a bit later”. And then it goes down down down the list, covered by the dozens of others that keep coming, and then you forget about it.
I’m not saying it’s good, but it can happen so easily. We’re all human. And this doesn’t mean that the person is not a good CM.

I always thought those Thank You cards were completely irrelevant, useless and a waste of time. I always wondered who (and why) came up with the idea. And it has been rightly discontinued, very few people do this anymore.
A thank you message to the whole team when everything is complete is more than enough.


If I plan to reply to a message later on, I just put it back to “unread.”

How can you say that? We put our heart and soul in without any reward and then when it’s all over, it’s just, “Neeeeeext!”? Nowadays, some CMs don’t even write a thank-you message or they thank only briefly, on automatic pilot.
People need to feel appreciated. A small token like a thank-you card can make all the difference.

I agree with most of the other things you mentioned.


You may have been unlucky. I never met a CM who didn’t send a thank you message. Short or long, it doesn’t matter, one can feel when it’s sincere or not. And we don’t work for the love of the CMs or for each other, we work for the viewers, to share our love for this kind of content and enable people to be able to watch and enjoy. That’s my motivation, at least. And when people write “thanks to you I could enjoy this beautiful drama”, that’s the most beautiful reward for me.

As for messages, yes, I also put them on “unread”, but sometimes you are in a great hurry and you forget, or you meant to do it right now but something urgent popped up or, even if unread, they go waaay down and you don’t remember their existence (to bring them up).
I mean, it’s not a regular occurrence, but it does happen. My point is that it doesn’t automatically make you a bad person or bad CM, especially if you do reply at some point, even if it’s a week late.

You must have had the experience of people writing “I see two whole days have passed and you still haven’t replied to me”. Isn’t that super-annoying? As if they were the only message you were sent, when in reality there were about 50?
The OP said that some don’t see the CM duties as a priority because they have other things to do? Ha! The days after being chosen as a CM, especially if it’s close to the drama première, you have no time to eat or go to the toilet, and you work until the wee hours of the morning.


Remember the old messenger we had? You could see several of your messages on one page (I didn’t count them but at least 20)… and you could conveniently check the boxes to delete messages, and more “visual” to your messages to see where they were.

This upgrade is a joke. It takes forever to delete messages (and sometimes I accidentally delete important messages because I’m a speed demon and then there is the lag when it’s going through the delete). I could write a whole new post in Discussion just about this monstrosity alone.


Oh, yes, we all could. And once you delete, it takes you up on top of the list again, so you have to scroll down again to find your place where you were cleaning up.
My solution is, once I find a message I want to delete, I do ctrl+left click to put it on another tab. I make ten or twenty tabs like that and then I go to each one and delete it. Thus, the original Inbox page remains where it was, and I can go down a bit more and find more messages to delete.
It’s a pain, yes.
The only thing that is better than the previous version is that in that, whenever you sent a group message to your team, it was an infinity of individual messages for you to delete. Whereas now it’s only one. This is an improvement, to be fair. Also the read/unread status.
Otherwise, no, not a good update at all.


I kind of think that lately Viki hate me, I can’t get any CM I apply. Either is bl or not, Chinese, Korean, other languages, small or big. Always same answer. :sweat_smile: I think that we can’t reply to CM pick massage from Viki staff not without reason :rofl: so many people would complain. Still all I see is same people ( I know it isn’t their fault) still for others is kind of sad. I’m start to think how the staff is managing this since always same people got it. Isn’t like roulette or some other way to choose. It’s just weird I guess.


It is. Viki has been ignoring me for a year now (maybe because there was some struggle with finishing Portuguese translations, but that has been solved already… and it happened before they introduced presubs or translation after QC). But that’s just an assumption, since you can’t know why Viki ignores you.

After all, mainly the same people get certain dramas in a short time. This can lead to somewhat secluded teams that may not offer others a chance. Lately, I spoke to someone who started moderating after me as a language moderator and received more than 20 rejections in a row despite submitting a proper application and having around a 100,000 contributions. When I started being a language moderator in 2021, it wasn’t that difficult to get into KDramas. However, despite everything, Viki often still feels like a place to exchange favors. Maybe not openly, but you’ll rather remember a CM applying as moderator that chose you previously for their own project. Therefore, I do think that going for more diversity / variety should be a thing to keep a healthy community. Still, that shouldn’t conflict with quality or quantity to some extent. :thinking: So I’d dare to say that there’s some issue with transparency and quality management given dramas that haven’t even been segmented after a year despite reporting the matter.


Sweetie, I made this post and left messages for Viki staff. I thought the chosen CMs was a computer-generated thing, but evidently not. Write Viki staff, inquire, be a bug in their ear and drive them nuts.


Hello dear, don’t be mad… :wink:
Viki needed you more as a CE, that’s probably the reason for this misunderstanding. In any case, congratulations on your new drama, I hope you enjoy it as well as all those who work in your team.


Congrats :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck: :blush:


Congratulations @kakashiandme :smiling_face:


So, I’m poking the nest again! @vikicommunity I’m constantly getting messages from a LOT of people wanting to know why they can’t get to be CM. You are killing this friendly community. Cliques are forming because the same people are getting CM waaaaaay too often. Some of these people are now CMs of multiple channels, hoarding “their” teams so nobody else can join. We have countless new moderators biding their time, hoping to be picked, and then we have the “oldies” like me who are getting kicked to the curb while you pick and choose your favorites. There is NO FAIRNESS! We have complained countless times. Yes, you gave me a channel after my initial complaint. Guess what? I’ve applied 100 times since, my last channel is finished and complete.

Come on now Viki. Spread the love. You were the one who chose the rule to make it fair!!! YOU!!! Where is the fairness? Why do several get to be CM on several channels at once, or consistently back to back? It’s obvious that there is favoritism going on! Look at the people who have complained and responded to this post. Many haven’t been a CM in years. Some have just qualified and are ready to give it a try.



At least you got a channel! I haven’t been appointed as channel manager since June, 2021, except for a brief stint mid series when a channel manager became seriously ill.


This is crazy! I mean, come on!


I understand you, last channel I got as CM was “Summer Strike” in 2022 and before that was “Someone Like You” because I asked to take it over, but I don’t consider it the same since it’s an old channel.
Still I kept applying when seeing channels I was interested in, and got nothing.
I don’t want to apply to all or almost all channels just to get one, I’m just applying to some I’m really interested in. I’m sometimes wondering if that’s not why I’m never appointed. And I know several other volunteers who are like me.
I keep wondering if I should still even try to apply as CM after all that. Is there even a point to do it when I know I get channels every 2-3 years? And with time, it’s getting more rare to get one.
I said nothing till now, because anyway it’s useless, everyone can see it just by going through channels. Some get one channel after complaining once and then nothing more. When some get 1 channel every 2-3 weeks.
This new system was created because in the past it was always the same volunteers as CM, but now even with this system, we can see the same CMs being appointed every time. So what’s the point in being able to apply to channels if in the end this is the result?