Channels needing help in segmenting, subbing or transcribing

Thank you for the kudo. Yes, we are deleting those segments. All the best to you too!

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I just sent a PM to tess6 for “I Really Really Like You”. It’s not often someone begs for an English Editor. :older_woman: I don’t have scads of time, but this happens to a favorite of mine. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I live to edit!


Then i will need you as well for the drama series the duo, behind the white tower and new heart. Currently we are waiting for the episodes to be translation edited. By the way perhaps do you know a kor-eng translator who could help us with TE? So far we had seungshin and sophie2 but they are super busy with other projects at the moment. Itsjoo agreed to help a couple of days before but it is too much work for her only.

I have just remembered something about channels that were fan channels and then became official channels. perhaps they can try asking the viki staff to give them the subtitle files. I asked in the past for another drama and they told me it is possible because they save the files when a channel is deleted.

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Thks :bow:

Wow! Okay, I will just make these four as my side projects. I can at least do an episode of each during the week. I will ask around and find you a couple of Kor-Eng TEs. There are one or two Mods that I know of. I work mainly on Chinese dramas. But I have two years of experience editing Korean dramas on another site. Thank you, I’ll do my best.


Thats great to hear. I will wait for your good news. And I will add you now in the team and I will notify you when we will have some episodes ready for editing.

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Awww… Thank YOU too! Fighting!

Awesome, Thank you. I’ll just wait to hear from you on these 4 dramas then. I already sent the word out for the TEs or for them to suggest a volunteer. Hopefully, someone will reply.


There are some ways to save things - but well, it’s not always successful.

There are different versions of some shows too. It can matter where the tape they used as a fan channel came from - what country can mean a different version entirely.

I am aware of the software where a person can try to save subs - but there’s sometimes more involved. Depends too on the quality of the first group - some fan channels are putting out great work - some are putting out a bit less organized work. Two I took over were pretty random - and required a lot of fixing to put out some existing eps. I am still fixing things from 2-3 years ago at Demi-Gods - and I took that over less than a month ago.

I am not on that particular team, but I do believe they tried to save things. That’s the way I read things on the front cover there at any rate. At least we still have the drama - because we are losing 46% of Chinese Dramas right now. We have already lost Lan Ling Wang…

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We could definitely use a TE when we start up A Swordman in the Wilderness - that’s Mandarin to English.

if interested, PM Mirna - she’s “mirna023_316”. Thank you :).


Ah…my reasons to pay Mahoula a visit and type in some subs increases every time I visit this thread. :slight_smile: (grin) I’ll see you at Duo too. :slight_smile:

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hello ! what is “TE”? :confused: But Goodfight is a kor-eng subber and he’s looking for projects And for the drama, I already send a PM to the different mod, and I’m waiting for their answers.:grin:

TE is translation editors.
They are editors who are fluent in the video’s original language and English. Specifically checking whether the translations are correct.

Translation editors should try to preserve the meaning of the sentence as accurate as possible.

If sarcasm was used, please edit the translation to preserve this.

Translation editors should check translations of idioms and slangs closely and where necessary provide notes or explanations using the format found in the general guidelines found there

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If you notice, goodfight hasn’t been active for two years. That message was from 2014. She probably was discouraged by the loss of her account.

I would if I knew more than 5 words in Mandarin!
I consider you asking, a high compliment. Thank you.


(it is a closely guarded secret, but I can edit English too. however, I also type like a banshee SO transcription of English really isn’t hard for me…does “I really, really like you” need that sort of help? I also segment but am trying to limit that to the three dramas I have as CM right now… :slight_smile: keep that editing between us, okay? looks around, quietly melts into the shadows…)

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p.s. By the way, since I’m in Denver, Colorado, all compliments delivered by me could be considered “high” ones due to altitude. :slight_smile:


You should consider writing for a profession (if it’s not your profession already). Reading you always makes me smile, and at times roll on the floor with laughter.


,and because I’ve completely lost my mind around vikiworld, yeah I just finished what there was to transcribe at Next. 6-14 complete - needs Korean translations on some lyrics and things the hard subs failed to catch - in other words, it’s done to what I can do for it. :slight_smile: So mark Next complete in that regard, it now needs Korean subtitle help OR a good TE there and that should do it. :slight_smile:

I’ve sent a note off to Bettina to let her know. If you’ll change item 42 here, that will help too. :slight_smile:

Next turned out to be next on my list after all… and now for Duo. :slight_smile: Just because you love us over there :). and tomorrow to put another episode of Demigods to final edit…Ammmmiiiittttaaabbbhaaaaaa…! (one day, i segment Zhou Botong at Condor, the little guy who speaks 100 mph non-stop. 2 second segments! the next? looongg winded Shaolin monks over at Demigods…sigh. 6-8 seconds for a sentence…is it any wonder my hair hurts?)

See you there, Mahoula :).

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Writing is not my profession (yet). Although I do have some great ideas…and well, I should write a drama. (grin). I do massage therapy to pay the bills, coach powerlifting from afar - and I write whatever finds its way from my brain to my fingers…

Who can truly say what the future brings. :slight_smile: What we are truly passionate about can bring us to new adventure, new ways of thinking. New roads, mountains to conquer.

Ok now I’m hearing “Climb Every Mountain”. Sound of Music. that cold med I’m on is VERYYYY good apparently… :slight_smile:

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