Chi-Eng and other language subbers needed for a Chinese Short movie

A licensed channel of a short Chinese movie (it’s about 32 minutes length) - I want To Get Married - is in need of chinese-english subber. It’s been subbed for about 85% so you would only need to fill in the gaps :smile:

I need other language subbers so others from different countries could enjoy watching it too!
If you interested to join in, please leave a message here or you can PM me here


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Sorry, I took the liberty to sub up till 95% - the rest, am afraid not very sure how to translate it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hola me gustaría traducirla al español

Love you, shaldane!!! Thank you!!!

Hi, yes go ahead if you want to sub it in spanish. Thank you for helping!!!

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Do you want Vietnamese sub for your movie ?
I can do it for you, if you want me to help you.
Let me know if you need me to do it.


Hi Wind,
Yes, go ahead and please subbing it into Vietnamese : )
Thank you!

Tasya ^^