CM and Inactive Moderators


Well, I’ve been participating in the volunteer community for a few months and I’m always looking for projects to volunteer, but some cm/moderators have been inactive for years/months. I have already tried to contact the help center but there is no answer. If anyone can give me any tips on this, I would be very grateful.


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The problem is that, as she said, she contacted Viki and never received an answer.

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I’d say 3 weeks waiting for the answer of someone (mod 1 week, CM 1 week, Viki help center 1 week).

After that, you can directly send a private message to one member of the Viki staff for channels with recruiters that are not active anymore. You might not have an answer immediately, but they usually answer.

Their contact is here: [Viki Community] Meet the Viki Community Team!

If you’re looking for projects to subtitle, at the same time:

  • What is your language? Maybe people in your language will reach you once they know your language and your profile link.

  • You can look for active moderators in your language. They might have dramas they need translators. To find them, you can go on the main page of Viki > current dramas airing, coming soon dramas or dramas from this year.
    To contact them:

  • You can also take a look and offer your help in dramas in the coming soon section or currently on air. But you might have a Viki pass restriction. Have you contributed enough to get the Viki pass? You might have more luck on Chinese dramas or movies to subtitle them, but I don’t know your tastes.

  • You might find other posts on this forum where people look for subtitlers. You can also write a post to offer your help.


Hello, thank you very much for your comment. It will be of great help.


Adding to your helpful info.:+1:

@vikicommunity The article quoted above needs to be updated. Since the implementation of “designated channels”, volunteers in each team are no longer viewable or contactable that way. The only way, I believe, is via the respective channel manager(s) or via the listing of volunteers on the channel wall or via any member of the Viki Community Team such as that thread @piranna has listed above (and I’ve quoted below).

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