Cute , romantic, emotional , cheesy drama?

Okay sooo i am looking for a drama, Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean doesn’t matter even though i really would like to see a Chinese one… I watched Shan Shan comes to eat Aka Boss and me and i am looking for sth like that. Romance all over the place. When i say cheesy nothing like Playful kiss or It started with a kiss. Hard to explain :smiley: I wasn’t able to find anything on my own so i hope anyone here has a suggestion :slight_smile:

Ich habe nur wenigen chin. Dramen zu Ende gesehen

Maybe Smiling Pasta?

It has all elements you mention and as a bonus it has catchy songs which will be stuck in your head for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

you should watch “You who come from the stars”, or “My love from the stars” :smile:

Thanks haha already done while it was airing… Crazy times sigh

Thanks for the recommendation !! :slight_smile:

Dankeee !!! Ich wäre voll froh wenn fiancee fertig gesubbt werden würde aber wirds einfach nicht :’(

I see that this topic was started seven years ago, but I’d like to know what others think about a drama I just finished watching two days ago: Bride of the Water God 2017.

It was a very interesting drama. Beautiful opening, fascinating characters, definitely dramatic and absorbing, and full of moments that I would definitely call cute, romantic, emotional and cheesy.

I did get a little bored at one point with the ML and FL alternating between three states–anger, sucking up, and meet-cute. After a few episodes, it became a little predictable. But otherwise, it was worth sitting through those moments to get to a fairly satisfying final episode.

Plus, as usual, very interesting secondary characters.


I found these posts on your drama.

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Back in 2017, I was having a bad life. I had just left a horrible job of many years’ duration; I was two years out of a bad relationship, but the man I had had the relationship would not let me move on for various reasons; I could not sleep more than three to five hours a night. Bride of the Water God absolutely rubbed me the wrong way and made me cry angry tears.

This time around, I looked at Bride of the Water God much differently. I was fascinated to see how many genres got mashed together (rom-com, fantasy, chaebol, myth, cultural docudrama). I was impressed by how well the actors handled dialog that was sometimes profound, sometimes plain dumb. And as always, I was fascinated by the costuming choices.

I think, too, that some things that I think tend to drag in certain K-dramas is because a lot of recent fantasy dramas are rooted in Korea’s early religious traditions.

I think we need, perhaps, Pure Land Buddhism 101, a primer on the kinds of symbols and divine beings and whatnot that a lot of K-fantasies take for granted and that a lot of non-Buddhist viewers miss altogether.

It was uneven, yes, and as usual (for me) it was the antics of the second-tier actors and actresses that made me wish they could have their own spin-offs.

Now that I have binge-watched, I think that it has helped me become better informed about Korean history and culture, and I am glad I took the time, but it will never be on my list of all time greats.

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