Deadly Dimples in Dramaland


Those two guys (who are narrating the video) are from South Dakota, close to my neck of the woods. I think they are brothers. (I think they are kinda cute too). :wink:


I’d LOVE to be friends with Kim Heechul, Boo Seungkwan, Kim Kibum(Key), and JaeJae… we could sit for hours laughing and discussing the ins and outs of k-pop!


Hottie BFF

Has a small dimple!

Yi Da Qian


The girls in Because This Is My First Life appreciate Kim Min Kyu’s dimples as mush as we do. lol


I was just reviewing this thread and re-read your post. When you first posted it, I hadn’t even ‘met’ Seungkwan yet, but seven days later, he is now one of my favorite people! I still don’t know the last two people in your post, but I know if HeeChul and Seungkwan were there, I’d be having a heck of a good time!


JaeJae is the MC of MMTG. If you like Seventeen, you should definitely watch their MMTG episodes. They talk all about their history, and the way they self-produce their music. And JaeJae is my favorite MC ever. I love watching anything she releases! Seungkwan, especially, has become best friends with her because they both share a love for pop culture. He comes on her episodes even without Seventeen as “Professor Boo,” a professor on pop culture :joy: And one of Seungkwan’s role models is Key from SHINee. There you have it - JaeJae, Seungkwan, Key, and Heechul - the Lords and Lady of Pop Culture!



I have a CRUSH! Well, when don’t I!!!



Yes! To all the dimples in this thread. :kissing_closed_eyes:


Look Look Look how cute and sweet he is @my_happy_place
But why was he EVIL in our show!!!


I know! I just went back through this thread and saw that GIF, and I thought to myself the exact same thing. “Look how cute he was here!” Will I ever be able to see him as cute again after his super evil character?


New addition: Ou Hao, 29




I think I see an eye dimple on JinYoung!???


Park Hoon
Naked Fireman


@my_happy_place you missed the dimples, they’re faint, but there.


He has not fully smiled yet!!! He will!


You’re right, not the smiley type just yet, from what I saw. But I can still see the hint of his dimples.


New baby bird with a dimple: Song Geon Hee


That last photo is so adorbs I can’t!


I know! In the drama, he has kind of weird hair, but he’s adorable.