Deadly Dimples in Dramaland


This adorable cutie has the enviable job of working with some big Kdrama names in the drama ‘Happiness’, and she has some dimples to boot.
Song Ji Woo - age 9



Have you watched Ep 6 yet?


We have not. @kdrama2020ali was busy today, so we are probably going to watch it tomorrow. Are you free to join us at some point tomorrow?


As long as it’s in the afternoon or evening yes, if you end up watching it earlier just let me know and I’ll watch it myself. :slight_smile:


Ok. We haven’t set a specific time yet, so we will let you know.


Her dimples are really cute too and very natural looking… She’s the FL with Taecyeon, and they make a great couple together. Drama started too dragging… but by end of episode 2. it finally caught my attention.
Secret Royal Inspector & Joy

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy



So the new hottie in ‘Qing Luo’ is a very stoic character who almost never smiles, so it took me until episode 6 to discover that he has dimples!!!

Liu Xue Yi

(And he’s showing me his ankles - double bonus)





Did you say stoic I might need this in my life!


He just did and said the most heart fluttering stoic/squishy thing that I know you would have died over. I certainly did.


ok, ,I missed this one, so i am caught up, oh my goodness, look at all those dimples!!!


Welcome to the dimple club! If you ever come across any you’d like to share, we want to see them!



Needing a Henry Dimple!!!


I’m watching Don’t Say No and I’m so mesmerized by Smart Chisanupong Paungmanee’s dimples I keep forgetting to read the subtitles. lol


I think Our LEAD has dimples too!! But little bro is the cutest!


I didn’t notice his dimples, I got sucked into the brother’s. lol
I can’t find a picture with his dimples, it’s there when he talks.


I can see a hint of it in that photo.


Oh, I found it.


I knew it - He doesn’t use them as much as little Bro Does!!! I knew he had one!!!


First boy that came to my mind:




I know I’m late to the party, but Jung Jinyoung’s dimples are SO CUTE!