Deadly Dimples in Dramaland




Ji Hyun Woo


The last picture doesn’t look like him… He doesn’t usually smile like that :thinking:


I fixed it - it was not the best photo - but I think it was him! Trying to find his dimples!! :wink:


Leo on the left that cute dimple!!! Oh MO MO!

Ja Phachara suansri


My first was Lee Sang Yoon, after watching him in Seo Young, My Daughter, I became his instant fan lol.

So glad Viki has it now. One of his (and LBY’s) best dramas, ever.

Lately, it is Kim Seon-ho. So glad his “scandal” was a misunderstanding and didn’t wreck his career. :sweat_smile:


Amen to that!


My man, DK (iKON), whom I watch in dance videos frequently, but I’ve mostly missed out on his unique full-cheek dimples since they don’t usually come out when he’s in sexy dancer mode.




Found myself a new member of the dimple club. MK from the group ONF. He’s kind of adorable.


Didn’t we have some dimples in Red Sleeve we need to add - was it child actors! Or was it in 30 but 17 - I’m so confused - or is it in 1% LOL


One of the maids in training in Red Sleeve, I think, but I can’t remember if it was her child version or older version who had them.