Deleting subs as a moderator

I’m moderating a show which has an unnecessary sentence at the end that I want to delete because it has nothing to do with the story. How can I do this?

You need to ask the CM to do it. I have never been able to delete a subtitle to fix a segment but the CM always do it for me.

You can try contacting the person who wrote the sub but they rarely answer back.

Also, I hope the CM is active in the drama and helps you with the situation. I’m lucky the CM in the drama I’m a moderator always helps and resolves everything I need,. her name is tishafi. Wished more CM were responsible like she is.

Good Luck!

If a segment has no subs in it, moderators and segmenters can delete it.
If it has subs, only a Channel Manager can.

Thank you for your answers. I’ll try contact the CM and ask her to remove it then.

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