Do channels still recruit English subbers?


Hey, guys.
I guess this is a question for people who’ve been keeping up with the Viki behind the scenes?

I haven’t done much subbing lately, but I used to do a bit of Chinese to English, and recently, I’ve kind of wanted to do a bit of translating. But it looks like, at least from what I’ve seen, most if not all series are loaded with English subtitles already complete. Is that just sort of the standard now, or have I missed something?


Most Chinese shows are indeed arriving with English subtitles. There are only a few shows which still need to be translated.


Yes, most Chinese shows have presubs now. However, I believe currently “Almost Lover” and “Thank You Doctor” are looking for Chinese to English subbers.


Thanks for the confirmation. I guess I get it from a business standpoint, but it’s a little sad from the hobbyist side.


Thanks for the info. I’ll check those shows out.


Most shows (not just the Chinese ones) come with either subtitles from the content provider or get translated before airing by Viki Staff nowadays. The only exceptions I have seen were Chinese shows, though, so you still have a chance to find something.


I think the majority of Chinese shows are coming with English subtitles these days. However, there are still some Chinese dramas that arrive unsubbed. Both “Love Like the Galaxy” and “A Familiar Stranger” were subbed by Viki volunteers, so there are shows that need Chinese- English subtitlers.

You may want to consider being a Translation Editor. It is not quite the same, but it does involve checking over the provided subtitles and using your Chinese- English translation skills to provide quality translations and changes where necessary. I know there are many Chinese shows which desperately need more TEs and there have been comments about how more TEs are desperately needed.
Good luck to you!


Chinese Drama “She And Her Perfect Husband” is being subbed by volunteers for people looking for opportunity.


@ahn This show needs you:


Chinese drama “Since I Met U” is being subbed by volunteers for people looking for an opportunity.


Chinese drama “Rose and Knight” is recruiting Chinese-English subbers for people looking for an opportunity.


Chinese Drama “Love Like White Jade” is looking for Translation Editors for people looking for an opportunity.


Hi. I’m interested. Could I participate as Translation Editor in Spanish? You tell me something as soon as possible, please? Waiting for one opportunity.


This is only about English. For Spanish you should contact the Spanish Moderator of a channel you are interested in. :slight_smile:


@olaya_62: This forum is for people who want to subtitle Chinese to English. You will need to contact the Spanish Moderator of any dramas you are interested in for opportunities in Spanish language. Good Luck to You!

EDIT: Chinese drama “Love Like White Jade” is recruiting for Spanish language. More details here:


How can I be a translation editor?


To be a Translation Editor, send a private message to the Chief Editor or the Channel Manager of the project you are interested in and tell them that you ae interested in being a Translation Editor on the project.
Good Luck to You!