Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


so am I so redicilous, their private lives and all, myob!!!


We have a Global pandemic. We have a Global energy crisis. We have the freaking Taliban back in power. How a drama is promoting Communism just because the food on set was catered by a Chinese firm, however, is not what I would personally call worthy of attention. But Hey, shallow people have to occupy their time somehow… :roll_eyes:


oh good grief, they have to fuss about something, again what I said earlier, people need to MYOB!!! Mind your own business


You could use that with a lot of inconsequential things people latch onto :sweat_smile:

Though celebrity scandals may or may not affect my viewing, political scandals do not affect my viewing at all. I personally try to keep my big mouth shut whenever a scandal like this happens because I don’t think I have any right or the proper context to judge or have a say in the matter. For both Joseon Exorcist and Snowdrop… we aren’t Koreans, and we have no community-context to rely on. All we can do is read articles published by various news sites, and not all of them give correct translations. Most of those article-writers don’t have cultural context either because they aren’t Korean. We’re seeing this scandal from a foreigner’s perspective. This concerns what the Koreans are seeing on their Korean cable TV. They’re the ones paying jTBC(SBS for Joseon Exorcist) for the content that comes on their TVs. They’re the ones who send their sons for military service because the war technically hasn’t ended yet. People from the generation that lived through the war are still living - the student demonstrations happened in the 1980s.

This issue made the BLUE HOUSE release a statement. It seems to have some serious political weight, and most of us may not understand it.


Years ago, Kim Hyun-joong (Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, When Time Stopped) got into a huge legal kerfuffle with his ex-girlfriend. He does love his fans and was highly embarrassed when the news came to light. He was in his 20’s and we all know how dumb we can sometimes be during that time frame and what idiotic decisions we can make. Sometime after this blew up, he went off to do his military service and came back a more mature man. Honestly, I’ve always liked him and think that he is a hugely talented human. We all make mistakes but most of us are blessed not to be under a microscope like our K-drama stars are. He seems to be putting his life back in order and is doing a lot more singing (he does have a beautiful voice!) but I wish he would incorporate some more drama series into his schedule. That’s my two-cent’s worth on him. :slight_smile:


Did you watch the press conference of his first drama after returning?
I was livid with the questions the reporters asked, it was a press conference for the show yet reporters kept bringing up his past and asking his timing for going into the military. The rest of the cast and crew were uncomfortable about it. The reporters have no sense of decorum.


People who live in Glass Houses…


He’s very handsome! And I don’t know what the allegations were true or not…but he has a right to start again after winning defamation.


I think he went through a lot of deep soul-searching after his legal battle. He literally withdrew from the public eye for a while because he felt he was being judged (I would probably react the same way). I think he is getting his life back on track slowly but surely. He has a series called ‘Music of Korea’ in which he sings some beautiful songs. I believe there are currently two seasons available. I do miss him appearing on film though and hope he can sign on to do some more dramas or a film or two.


Heartthrob Deng Lun’s career in limbo after US$16.7 million tax evasion fine, Source: below :wink: :point_down:t5:

Also on Marcus Here!

Update: Aftermath of Deng Lun’s tax evasion.:

More Updates! Posted, March 31, 2022. See link, or below. :wink:

Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious

I just saw something that said Kim Hyun Joong got married so had to go look it up and wow, he announced in Feb that he’s getting married. I hope they are very happy! :tada:
Kim Hyun Joong Confirms That He Is Getting Married | Soompi


why aren’t these actors protected, be the rumors are true or not?

now on to america, I am sure you heard of Will Smith, gosh, yeah maybe he did that wrong, BUT I believe he stood up for his wife, yes he could have done it another way. anyway all I am saying it did put as mark on him, and as for watching any of his movies, there may be a hesitation for watching them, so the American stars have scandels too.and look back years ago of some of the stars, some did come back and some didn’t.

same here, really upsets me that just an innocent thing, like going past a museum and was condemmed for it? stuff like that. could have been a different wayhandle that,

this earlier one Kim Seon Ho, good grief, and its fans, the writers and all that does this mess, see above messages really a shame people have to do something like this to destroy someones life works!!




an old proverb I have heard since childhood
don’t believe all you hear and believe half of what you see


i remembered a saying after seeing this about truth and lies
" by the time truth comes out and wear slippers, the lie will complete its journey of visiting the whole village" i dont know if i translated it right. hhaha hope it is understandable at least.


it sure is!!


Xiao Zhan wins in court!


Wow, the comments about the birthday wishes are stupid. How does a birthday wish ruin a drama for viewer? and why do they think his costar would be upset by it? People are delusional.


If these individuals are so concerned about their immersion in his character and drama, why on earth are they even following his personal life outside of the drama? This is actually a personal concern of my own, so I intentionally stay away from off-screen stuff about certain people. And like you said, how in the world would this upset his costar?


I was surprised too, at their reasons :rofl: :joy: :rofl: My draw dropped :frowning: :anguished: as Marcus read the reasons why people were upset. :rofl::rofl::joy:
As for his co-star, I guess the fans unvoiced wishes of a real life coupling got smashed! :smirk:


Zhang Zhehan’s comeback!

Do you like Lee Min ho?