Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


No news… just that Dear M has been “postponed indefinitely”


It seems that a new scandal is about to break. I really hope it’s not true. It could involve Kim Seon Ho. :cry:


Aw this when he is just starting to gain stardom - Cha Cha is really his break out show! I hope that they can prove it is not true quickly


So the agency is “investigating” while these rumors are making people question him! I hope that what this person has said is slander - again a person’s (actor) personal life should not be plastered everywhere and why do it now when he has just shot to stardom! Very sad because no one forgets once these things are out there.


There are always 2 sides of a coin. Celebrities are constantly under sort of pressure from agencies and public… worrying about image and slanders…
The woman waited 4 months to write this?? - Did he kidnap her and or had an organized team to abort?? When someone posts out of anger and/or jealousy, the credibility becomes quite weak…

As we know some phrases can be taken out of context and misused… we have seen this in politics. - Without any supportive documents and evidence it is a “she said, he said” a hearsay… yet she caused him already damages… without being verified through proper channels…

I’m tired of the Korean abuse… in whatever form… the longer I watch “makjang” dramas, I can understand this abusive behavior it is very disappointing and destructive…


I also think if this happened or whatever she feels slighted about - go to him or his agency privately - why put it out in the public. It is non- of my business what he does in his personal off time - unless he puts it out there on social media. His personality, his anger management, his character - has totally been thrown under the bus! I find it very sad. Hopefully it can get resolved -

I know Wonho from MonstaX had awful things said about him to the point he left MonstaX -which must have been terribly hard for him to leave his “family” like that. It was unfounded but took a while for it to be processed through their system. I love his solo career - I follow him and love him - but so unfair that he had to give up his participation in his Idol Group!

I’m still sad about Ji Soo - and hope he is ok during his service!


Looks like they were true! I’m very sad. It is his personal life but for me it will be hard for me to watch him in this particular case. Very sad for everyone and I’m sad that his personal life has to be splattered around and people judge him. For me this time, I will probably never watch Home Town Cha Cha - I am glad that it did so well and how much everyone loved it. Just so hard to be an actor and have your personal life dragged out in front of everyone. Not sure he can overcome this…aw I’m so sad.


The whole thing is so messed up and sad. I was already little doubtful with HomCha3 because of all the chemistry complaints. This is a little hard to digest and I might also skip the drama.

However, I really don’t like this trend of people publicly humiliating a celebrity, First of all, people shouldn’t idolize celebs. But it still doesn’t make it okay to do these things… Their entire careers depend on publicity and PR. The public never forgets stuff like this.

I also understand the victims. It must be very hard to keep quiet when you see so many thousands of people loving, adoring, believing, and admiring someone who hurt you. It’s also sad when agencies just give you money to shut up when it’s hard to move on with life after a painful experience. But honestly, so many criminals and repeat offenders have changed their lives after getting out of jail. They slowly build up their own careers, they’re allowed to have a second chance at life. But now, everyone who looks at NCT’s Lucas on screen will see a two-timer and a cheat. I wonder how many years it will take for people to forget.

It’s a complex problem. Finding out that someone you loved, respected, and admired committed a crime or did something very bad is painful to accept for fans. Something breaks inside of you. I wish we could all just consume music and other entertainment without thinking about the people involved, but that hardly ever happens. There’s always someone you admire and follow. And though we’re all human, it’s tough to accept that the image these celebs project isn’t real. Somehow, you believe with all your heart that a person is incapable of doing a certain crime. And when he/she does it, something really breaks inside. I’m sure that I would go through a very hard time if I found out one of the EXO members was a cheater or a two-timer. Though I love all of them, there are some members I trust would never ever do that.


I agree. And I wasn’t a huge fan yet of his. I just can’t unsee what she said about his character. This is a he said she said but the apology really didn’t help. I am sure he was so fearful & now - damage is done. He is human. We forget. But for me I wish him well. I feel so bad for his variety show. The other cast. I am sure no one feels any worse than all involved. I guess this has proven to me that no matter what the fantasy of these celebrities being so sweet, endearing, cute & loveable is just that a fantasy. Their actors, singers etc that hv personalities way different than what u are shown or given in interviews or shows. I am just truly sad. I hope he gets to tell his side of the story also. And that he can move forward- i truly don’t know what to say.

@vivi_1485 You are like one of the maturist well spoken people on the planet & I just admire u! Hope all is well with your studies!

REVISED: I after much contemplation before the “truth” came out came 360 full circle to support KSH - actually making an apology later in the thread! I believed there was WAY more to the story before we even got the full story - I hope that he comes back quickly


awww don’t admire me! I just like writing and character analysis😅

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We miss u! Started watch party tonight with Perfect Match - oh he is so Handsome!

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I am still so SAD! Why am I so sad about this! Ugh! I guess it just kind of breaks your heart. :sob:


Based on the articles, two wrongs in this case does not make anything right.
Their story is in many dramas, and shows we watch. If a writer, and director showed them as characters ‘X’ and ‘Y’ to an audience.
We’d probably be on the edge of our seat for, or against their story, as ML, and FL characters.
The question I’d have for the audience is, should the ML suffer a lost of livelihood, lose face with co-workers, and followers on account of how the FL vented? Mind you, there is still the details of their relationship, unrevealed.


I wouldn’t watch a drama like that, though… An abortion is already a big thing, but adding the element of force/threats is just messed up. Though I’m not going to fully believe every word that unknown woman said, I can’t watch stuff with this fresh on my mind. It will take some time.

I recently saw an old NCT stage where Lucas was performing. I was not okay. I wish I could just forget everything. I’ve followed his growth for a year and a half and watched a LOT of NCT/SuperM content, so I already felt like Lucas was likely to get into a scandal like this. Even though I was kinda prepared, it’s still hard to watch. The same goes for EXO’s former member Kris. I knew he would probably get into trouble. I shouldn’t even care because he already left EXO, but a weight still drops on my heart whenever someone mentions his arrest and charges. I can’t imagine these two cases as dramas because I always avoid dramas with cheaters in them.

I don’t want Seon Ho’s career ruined. I’m sure he’ll get back up after some time. Right now, everyone needs a break. It’s really sad to hear that he was removed from two upcoming films. But honestly, with all this fresh on people’s minds, who could watch him in a romance? A few months and I think people will be okay again. Doesn’t matter whether I hate it or not… an entertainment career comes with these disadvantages. All these guys know exactly what would happen if they did stuff like this. They know the Korean public WAY better than we do.


Am I shallow that this is how I feel! Just hard to un-see what was written - even if it is not totally the whole side of the story - my heart is just broken! I so want him to be OK - I wish him well! I want him to be able to have a life outside of his career - I hope he gets to maintain his career. Everyone makes mistakes and we don’t know who she is or what SHE did! Why am I so SAD! Seriously I need to look inside myself to figure out why I am so SAD.


It was all in the timining, and releasing of such information.

Your emotional attachment to this source of entertainment, or means of escape, or get-a-way from your reality, may have something to do with your feeling of sadness.


I agree it is a means of escape & boom! Reality! Life is so darn heartbreaking sometimes & messy darn it!


Had a feeling something was coming his way.
Don’t think I’ll stop watching 2D1N. Rather curious if they are going to address it.
Whether they do or not, that show is likely also going to suffer for a while.

Edit: it seems he’s left the show and will be edited out of the coming episodes.


It’s so true that things like this become a harsh reminder that the people in our fantasyland are real people with real lives and the problems that come along with it. It’s a heavy blow when the attachment to dramaworld is so strong and that world is your ‘happy place’, and it affects not just the small sphere inhabited by that one person but how we view the drama world as a whole.


Look at his particular statement of apology, it sounds like someone rolling with life’s punches, and living life the best they know how, influenced by the said, “. . . Korean public WAY. . .”