Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


Well said. I’m hving to re-think a lot of things in my head today!


I hope you get peace of mind.

For me dramas aren’t an escape from reality, so I’m less affected by these types of things. I see these people as characters more than anything. I have no idea what they are actually like.


So he’s already being punished. Generally, the celebrities disappear for 2 years before trying to come back. I’m curious to see how long we will have to wait for Ji Soo, Seo Ye Ji, and now Kim Seon Ho.


I haven’t been on this site in a while but was curious to see what everyone was saying about Kim Seon Ho. These revelations are truly shocking. He succeeded in portraying something different that what he actually was. It just goes to show that just because entertainers play likeable characters doesn’t mean they are likeable themselves. His 2D1N involvement really made me think he was different though. I thought it was harder to manufacture an image under those circumstances.

Unpopular opinion: I found that the accusations against him for what he said about coworkers and staff was the most damning information that came out. It will be very hard for him to recover from that.

The Ex has now come out and apologized, but the damage was done. She said she didnt realize what would happen, but that’s ridiculous. Of course she did. That why she did it. She just couldnt handle the consequence. I dont see Kim Seon Ho coming back from this.


Maybe she didn’t realize how far it would go, maybe she did. I do feel bad for her that she is getting death threats though. I don’t think she deserves that.


Yes, death threats are ridiculous. No one deserves that at all.


It makes me think, “Is it Baeksang’s curse?”
These two took away this year’s Baeksang and a few months later were caught in a controversy. Could there be something like this or are they the first “Baeksang victims?”

I am not going to comment on any of these actors and their private lives but I find it odd why does even a word like “Dating Scandal” exists? Why is dating a scandal? Do they even know what a scandal is? Falling in love is definitely not a scandal! Of course, it’s different if there’s something morally or legally wrong in their dating lives but just liking another person is not a scandal.

The other day, I saw a couple of Instagram posts on BTS’s V’s dating scandal and I can do nothing except doubting the reasoning capabilities of these faceless people on Instagram who do even more harm to all the people involved.


Or vice :left_right_arrow: versa

Really? That’s kind of harsh.


Come on! When most people engage in watching shows, an overwhelming reason is to leave behind one’s own reality.

I will add, it does not mean one’s reality is not good.


I wouldn’t go so far. I don’t know it depends, he didn’t have as many lead roles as another actor who had a huge scandal. I don’t want to say his name, but he kept a low profile for 2 years. Started little projects, did some overseas, but still Asia and came back to drama land first other roles and now he is playing in romances and rom-coms again, so it’s not totally out of question that he may make it back.



To be honest, I do not really care about this type of scandal. I just want to enjoy my drama. I have no issue with the cast as long as their acting skills are on point. On the contrary, I feel unfortunate when I can no longer see some actors due to previous scandals.

Nobody is perfect, so nobody has the right to judge those people simply because they are public figures.


:wink::+1:t5::100: I agree wholeheartedly!


As you said, it’s that way for most people. Just not for me :wink:


The newest post really angered me. The ex said she didn’t know what she was doing? That she was going to call lawyers against those who sent her death threats? Sure, it’s sad that she’s a victim, but where were the lawyers when she anonymously decided to ruin his career? Is all of Korea so corrupt that no one would offer to defend her? And nowhere has she written that she tried, either.

She could have filed a lawsuit first and it would have eventually made its way to the media but nooooo she had to do that in a spur of emotion and THEN think about how it hurt lots of people. Is Kim Seon Ho the only one hurt here? In all their cases— Ji Soo’s, Seon Ho’s and Seo Ye Ji’s— the co-stars and staff have had to take blows. The companies who invested in advertisements with him. How many people have had to run around like crazy because of these two people? The woman is not a naive little high school girl. Did she not know what she was getting into? Now her privacy is gone and his career is gone.

I don’t think Seon Ho’s career is completely gone, though. It might take a year or two, but he might be able to start over.


After all, what did he do? He acted like a coward, because he was terrified of the netizens and of the “scandal”. He didn’t want to ruin his newfound stardom with a scandal, and that’s totally the fault of Korea’s warped medieval mentality about relationships, sex and pre-marital pregnancies, especially in their entertainers.
Surely, what he did not commendable at all. He’s no angel. But if their relationship was only four months old, is it that strange that he didn’t want to commit with marriage and fatherhood with a woman he had barely started dating?
Yes, he promised marriage later on. That was lame if he didn’t mean it (or maybe he did?)

On the other hand, the woman was also part of the unprotected sex (she didn’t check? she didn’t care?), and she also ultimately decided for the abortion. Nobody “forced” her. Yes, psychological pressure is a thing, I am not trying to minimize it. But saying that the man is a monster while she is an innocent victim is stretching it.
What? Her “precious baby”? It’s precious now, but not when she sacrificed it for a promise of marriage? Come on, cut the crap!
I am a woman, I’ve been into relationships, I’ve had various experiences, and I made my own decisions about my pregnancies. Some were wise decisions, some not that much, but they were my own. I never let a man decide for me whether I’d keep a baby or not. An adult, professional urban woman is not a puppet. At the time, she probably also thought this wasn’t the best timing to have this child. And now she’s blaming her partner for an act which she consented to.

Of course we don’t know all the details, but based on what we’ve been told, I think she’s just spiteful because everyone kept saying how adorable he was in Cha-Cha-Cha, what an ideal, supportive and romantic boyfriend the character was, and how they would love to find such a man in real life. Not to mention how good his acting was (I agree, he was excellent!) So she felt the need to bring him down.
“He sacrificed our relationship for fame? See how I will destroy this fame now, to make him regret that!”.


So agree with you @irmar the society is now looking at poor woman evil man, although you could say both are equally responsible for their decision, but I wonder how exactly the abortion happened, she must have agreed and/or signed paperwork. If she got pregnant she is equally responsible, due to his situation it is understandable that it wasn’t the right timing for raising a baby; who knows perhaps she wanted get pregnant, there are plenty women who trap a man through wanted pregnancy…

The whole situation is ill-fated, was she forcefully tied to chair at the doctor’s office, then the doctor’s office is guilty of a crime! I think there are a lot of pieces missing to the whole story… just because he’s apologizing, it doesn’t mean that’s the whole story… the Korean society is too much bend on “apologies” and bowing and kneeling… since it’s rooted from the past… as if this is a fix for a mistake, misunderstanding or just because society expects this…


I agree with you on almost everything except this point: If a man wants consensual sex but doesn’t want to have children for sure, then there can only be “limited sensuality” and he has to take precautions.


so she accepted the apology, but what good is that an actor’s life ruined!! why spread rumors, why do your dirty laundry out in public, why, why, why, just sayin. ridiculous people trying to get at others with rumors & gossip, disheartening to read. and I agree with Irmar, and Simi11

after all, what did he do? He acted like a coward because he was terrified of the netizens and of the “scandal”. He didn’t want to ruin his newfound stardom with a scandal, and that’s totally the fault of Korea’s warped medieval mentality about relationships, sex, and pre-marital pregnancies, especially in their entertainers.
Irmar said a whole lot in her message, where was the protection?

and what did I call it in my other message? gaslighting? maybe maybe not, again we don’t really know the whole story, like all these other scandals, that has come about these past few years and lives ruined cause of a mistake… so did you know the guy in Black had a scandal? like not going into the military? but look at him now, !

oh and he did eventually go to military. so he came back, and theres more I know, but gosh lets back up the guys & gals we love to watch, scandles and all!! I know it may be hard but gosh they aren’t gods or goddesses or saints!

yes most of these young people are same ages of my sons, and I have said it over a year ago, I kinda adopted them, so yes it hurts to know they did something wrong, but to give up on them?
oh, some of you may not like this, but are we God? I am so glad I am not! Judge, not lest ye be judged? I’d rather have their back let them know we are with them “faults and all” maybe I am from the old school, but I’d rasther be like this than destroy anyones name

sorry I am long winded today. I also am tired of the Korean(Asian?) abuse. no matter what form, should I say check USA now, boy a keg of worms opened! I’ll not go into that . we are concerned about our actors & actresses.

ok I am off my soap box for the day.


chihayafuru you are so right, see? I didn’t have to be long winded, you said it all, short & sweet!!


Not everyone’s level of maturity matches their chronological age. Vivie, I have to draw your attention on this, I think you’ve heard this from not a few on these threads. You are are unique, and wise beyond your years. Unfortunately this does not happen for quite a lot of people.

His apology states he tried to reach her, and could not, imagine his dilemma. Fielding calls, for gigs, movies, dramas, and whatnot, directly, or through his agent, or Salt. All while dealing with a very hurt significant girlfriend, after she had the abortion. Based on comments here, he even had marriage in mind. I think they definitely made a decision other people try to take to their grave, and some succeed.

This is very true, and based on his apology, their relationship did not seem completely finished, it very well could revive. This public ill wind may very well test it’s trueness.
I don’t think we want to remove the fabric that markes their cultural difference, :bowing_woman:t2: :bowing_man:t2:‍♂ it is very much their heart. If I am not mistaken, we as outsiders are fascinated, and drawn to understand it all.

And to think, he was looking for her before, and could not get in touch with her, based on his apology.