Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


This whole thing is a MESS! Reading everything & now her apology. She called him trash for gosh sakes. To me someone who was a broadcaster would know the implications in this environment of what her post would make! Him losing everything- all ads, his variety show, all new dramas hurts him (who finally made it to Hot for a day ML) but hurt his co-stars. Did he really bad mouth them? Did he really promise marriage after 4 months? Did he really coerce an adult? Although I don’t agree with what happened- he seems immature & kind of like a jerk from her posting but is he? Did he just hv a short relationship where someone could hv tried to trap him - who knows? This upset me for several days! But I am not necessarily a huge fan but the “facade” of who he is? Now, after seeing her apology I believe a lot was said in anger & haste. He might be a jerk or he might be a scared man who didn’t want a scandal ending his career. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! I want our guys to date, hv babies, get married & why can’t they - why hv to hide. I WISH he would do a press conference & let us hear his side. Just VERY VERY SAD all the way around. Especially if he is now paying broken contracts. And his costars on the variety show are losing viewership because people wont watch without him on there. WOW just wowsers! I cant imagine the anguish he is feeling & she must feel at this point for airing dirty laundry. Maybe trying to contact him privately could hv been better - if he’s a jerk - he is or he’s not - why hurt someone so badly & now feel regret - u CANNOT FIx IT NOW!


She’s a broadcaster!!

I’m going off what you’ve learned. Looks like she took him! He might’ve been impressed with her being a broadcaster. Definitely something is not adding up, something smells :fishing_pole_and_fish: .

I’m all ears for that!

I’m not even a fan, it’s just because I was threading about his latest drama, and then this press hit the fan :unamused:

They cannot undo, or unsay what has been done, and said, but fixing is possible. :point_up:t5::wink:



so true!


Starts at 7:48


as I watch any dramas, shows ,movies with people and scandles, I watch the show, drama, movie, I look at them , yeah pray for them , then watch what I am to watch, yeah it hurts to see our actors & actresses as a bad guy, but their talent is what I watch not their “dirty laundry7” just sayin


oh yeah gotta watch Marcus today!!



I just run away as far as I can from the news, scandals, or whatever. I think that it’s so hard in Korea because they make them “idols”, which apparently means that they can’t make mistakes or try to live a life.
I know that it’s really hard to find out things like that, it’s not good for anyone and all of us know that it’s not a matter of them being celebrities, what is wrong is wrong no matter who you are and if you’re going to lose your job or something because of that :woman_shrugging:
But I prefer not to be judgy because we’ll never know the whole history and the whole truth.


I just found a post on Twitter by a person who knows Korean and didn’t use automatic translators, and it seems things were much more nuanced. Since some of you may not have access, here is her post.

For reference, here is the koreaboo article which translated in a sensionalistic way her accusations and used the term “forced abortion”.
And here is the koreaboo article with her latest post, saying she’s sorry about what she did to him with her “extreme posts” and that there were “some misunderstandings”

And here are his college classmates defending him, saying he was shy and timid and very courteous (after one alleged classmate accused him of having a bad temper). Here’s another article about this issue.


Thank you! This brings so much into prospective. Even I jumped to conclusions. Although I dont condone some things that happen. I am not to judge. Sounds like a relationship that just ended after trying to keep it together with a busy schedule. Aw, I feel so SAD for him that it took MINUTES for him to lose everything. REALLY it is still in contracts that they can’t date. His co-star dates? So unbelievably SAD


Thanks for sharing!


depends on the company. Some allow them and some do not. Even the ones who do make sure they hide it as much as possible. In Shin Min Ah’s case, I THINK people are easy on her because it’s a high profile relationship - like the Song-Song couple and Gummy/Jo Jung Suk. Or it might become a “scandal” for some time and then people accept it.

Together with their crazy schedules and the need to hide relationships, life must be pretty hard. I can only pity and pray for the kpop boy/girl groups, who not only have to go through all this, but also constantly market themselves as everybody’s boyfriends/girlfriends.


Thank you for sharing that. It’s really great insight and shared a lot of my feelings on what has transpired. I’ve thought a lot about how stressful things must be for celebrities when any interaction with anyone at any time could suddenly be used as a weapon against them - just for being human with human flaws.


Awesome share @irmar! Thank you!


So not a laughing matter but this is all I could think of on my 3 hour drive home today.

I was so upset when this all broke out! I have stated before it is not like this hit one of my Top Fav guys! He is not a guy I necessarily follow but I was enjoying his ride to fame with Hometown Cha Cha and I have not even watched it yet. After first reading what the MEDIA splashed out there in headlines - I drew conclusions and felt like - how can I un-see what I’ve read and continue to support him. I left his Instagram! (Now I am back following him)

Although I am saddened at the fact that they chose to end their chance to have a family - People in Glass Houses should not throw stones! I cannot judge nor know what is happening in the minds of others. I just know that this sounds like a woman who was deeply hurt who probably still loves him and maybe even wanted to continue a relationship he no longer could with his rise in his career. Do I think that he is a narcist-jerk now, I don’t. I did at first. His apology seemed to be “I was so fearful” and I thought he was only thinking of himself. Actually, by not making excuses he has taken a HUGE FALL that I think she should have seen coming! How very SAD for him to lose everything in just “seconds” of this coming out. As an international fan, I can’t understand the “clauses” that keep these guys from dating that the fear he must have had at spending hundreds of thousands on penalties if he came out. Does that make him a bad guy? I have come full circle to believe no - he is just a human who tried to have a relationship that ended poorly with maybe some bad decisions in the mix.

I’m very emotional person and I thank @my_happy_place my alter ego - who is more analytical to help me see how airing things like talking about co-workers (we all do it - I have done it) don’t make him a bad person or the fact that he cusses or isn’t Mr. Hometown Cha Cha! Does not mean he is a bad guy!

If you wanted an apology - Why not go to his agency! Oh because they would find out! Well heck they sure enough found out and if you ever thought you might get back with this person! Don’t think that is happening! After even some of his most intimate thoughts were sent out into Google World. How can you trust people in these situations if you can’t be yourself?

I am sad to think that my K-Pop Idols and Actors and Actresses have to HOLD off on having love in their life or worry about such scandals - why is loving someone a scandal.

It is a different culture and I wish it would change - I hope it does one day for their sake!

I am so impressed as to how everyone has been so civil in this discussion even though we all have had different opinions BRAVO my DRAMA FRIENDS you guys are the bomb - diggity!

Here is to hoping Kim Seon Ho can get back his reputation and this girl can move on!!!


Very well said. And I am also impressed and grateful to be part of this community that maintained its civility even while taking on a hot topic with the potential to get out of hand and hostile. There aren’t many corners of the internet where that would be the case. I appreciate you all!


I’m up why am I up. Just reading not sure if it is false or true that Seon-ho is now in the hospital. Seems paparazzi are camped out. Gosh, seriously hope he’s all right. What a scary mess!


And it’s completely okay in Korea to cause such damage to a person venting one’s anger and or jealousy in the public that belongs actually among the parties concerned… she knew exactly what the aftermath would be, twisting words sounding different than the actual situation…

There should be a law to prosecute such persons for malicious defamation… they could have done also a mediation to clarify their issues and dissatisfaction…

I don’t understand how Korean companies without knowing the whole story can cancel out completely a person. - Such relationship drama doesn’t belong to the public but to the parties concerned only those can solve their problems, not the public!


and to destroy their image and all, , I found other rumors of past deeds of actors and actresses,

whats with this? are the other ones just wanting attention? sheesh! and they just shouldn’t fall in love .,get married and all? some of these past deeds happened when they were in school, thats at least 20 years for some, bullying you say?? I wonder,

yes I agree there should be a law for malicious defamation, why not a law to protect these"kids?"
again washing dirty laundry in public. really sickening to me

we just got one here in the USA the other day, wonder how he is going to get out of it. Didn’t think a prop gun could injure anyone. anyway enough for now.

Yall have a great day!!


So that happened in Santa Fe at the film studio there.

Yes Brandon Lee son of famous Bruce Lee was killed on the set of The Crow years ago with a prop gun that was loaded. Another actor accidentally killed himself with a blank years ago. Alec Baldwin is not my fav but he was handed the gun by someone who should hv clearly cleared it. Negligence on their part. Very sad. Guns are just not toys even in drama



this was the arena interview he did - you can use google translate to read it.

There are many introverts among actors. My question is, I’m an introvert, how can I get on stage and act?

Oddly enough, I worry about it too. How could that actor have something like that? Everyone has their own charms and unique perspectives. I also use fresh words. How can that introvert often choose such a word with such experience and act with that expression? I have a question. I was influenced by my family and friends, and the learning experience is important as the influence becomes my acting forest. If you don’t have experience, you have to experience it, search or study to create your own rich forest. I’m an introvert, so I’m sensitive to people’s emotions, and I’m sensitive to words, so I sometimes have a variety of trees in the forest.

Excerpt from the interview