Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?



It appears so, the article in the video, the last paragraph, says “his detention could be seen as a warning to other immoral celebrities as China ramps up it’s recent crackdown on the entertainment industry”

Many of our C, & K Dramas, emphasizes remaining pure for marriage. We often run into fans joking about ‘fish eye kiss’ and the ‘you must claim responsibility, because a male, or female kiss on the lips’ :lips:


And here we go the neitzens don’t believe the Dispatch Article - ok Soompi had to hv verified it so STOP
neitzens & give the man a break. Ugh!


I just read the article, very interesting


Lots of the child actors from HomeTown Cha Cha uploading photos with KSH!
He is gaining followers on his Instagram and here is his staff Instagram


Seldom , people are human and have failings , it’s entertainment


I don’t know what to think about this, I mean you never get to know all the sides of a story.
I was just thinking of: how can you get to do something like that without any remorse? or at least thinking twice!


Advertisers and Endorsements are blaming KSH for their hasty termination of him. He didn’t even get a chance now it is his fault for not msking them happy. SALT would be the one who needed to deal with his business dealings not KSH himself - he’s the artist - they are the agency!!! Slimey to blame him for their hasty decision


oh my goodness, y’all, I went to youtube which I do daily,

I couldn’t believe what they had on, not just one but 3 of our favorite actors & actresses of bygone years, and some of these young ladies had abortions cause their bosses said so!

and one had an abortion without anathesia! I mean some of the favorite actresses, yeah some of you may not know them, but some of us older folk does,

and not just one but 2 or 3, and the favorite, Rock Hudson, our hunk of the day!! professed to be gay, so our actors & actresses had their heyday too. and still became awesome actors & actresses.

you will just have to watch , I am not going to put their names here.


We’ve watched many dramas with this in the plot. . . Just think of those court fights. . .unless like in Empress Ki, where the even weak king, and his fighting mother, stands up for his mistress, if you watched, you know her pregnancy story. There are other shows where they secretly give birth, and smuggle the baby out, especially if it’s twins, and worst if it’s a girl twin :smile: ha! otherwise, if they’re identical, they’ll probably fool everyone, by never letting them both appear at the same time. So many plots that I’ve watched, running through my mind. . .there are the plots where the blood prince, or princess ends up being raised by unsuspecting peasants.


This does show the “positive” reactions -there are a lot of negative also - at least they didn’t post that nonsense


After reading the linked article, he’ll still need a break from the limelight, and public’s eye :eye::eyes: before any sort of comeback, it’s only right.


Scandals don’t affect my viewing at all bc what happens in other people’s private life, is their business. Just bc he’s/She’s a public figure, that doesn’t give ANYONE the right to JUDGE him/her.

What happens in the actors/actress life is their business. After all, we don’t pay their bills, and we have no right to mix their private life with his/her career. Whether he/she did something wrong, is their problem to find a solution and move on. What’s public is his/her acting NOT their private life.

I think that what’s going on lately SK is detestable and they need to start suing for defamation of character and or give jail sentence to people that are malicious spread rumors, threaten others etc. They need to get a GOOD LAWYER and fight back to prove the facts and not hide bc we ALL make mistakes in life. The decision to have an abortion was her own she drove herself to the clinic and killed the baby. She could have decided to have the baby, raise it on her own and make sure he comply as a father with child support and visitation. The fact that she killed the baby so fast tells me there is something MORE to her story.


He has suffered TRAUMA from the actual relationship to all the decisions to what happened in such a short time - I hope he gets counseling so he can feel better and be better! TRAUMA like this is no joke! Especially in front of the public - he does need a rest - but he deserves to get all his projects back and all his endorsements


yeah like that new drama that’s out, but somehow the princess was saved, later on she took his place?? wow! can’t think of the name right now, watched couple episodes, hopefully, it will get better


:point_down:t5: Update starts at 6:58 to 11:14 :point_down:t5:


I think SKorea really needs a law for such situations that would prohibit cancel out a celebrity/person or a business upfront without verifying facts and circumstances… they really do jump the gun blindly… it doesn’t show a good business or overall ethics, but when you watch Kdramas, they show such twisted behavior, although it’s a show, it brings themes from reality.

It is still rooted from old times when there were pheasants and the nobles… just my view… I’m not familiar with other Asian countries, and with China that’s another story… I’m worried about the Xi Jinping doctrine… and their tentacles, trying to expand and to “mold”…


Like previous emperors, their goal is, they must rule everyone :triumph:


I would make sure as a FAN that whomever cancelled his ADS/etc. I WOULD NEVER EVER BUY their product and I hope he doesn’t endorse them anymore. EVEN if they beg on their knees.


If I can find a list of the ads that cancelled him - I will not endorse them!

I do think that Canon has added him back to their Instagram - I will have to look.

Dominios will never get my business again!

Other loses
I get upset everytime I thing about this - Cancel culture is so mean and hateful! He is not a criminal!
Let ADULTS chose who they want to support - let him continue on as your model - Let me make that choice!


Well, the fans in SK need to make sure they don’t buy the products that cancelled his contract.