Do they just give me the viki pass after i subtitle 3000?

I didn’t do anything just subtitle 3000,now can i get viki pass?

You need to apply for the QC (Qualified Contributor) status to get the free viki pass. Here’s the link:

And I would say just keep subbing, don’t stop at 3000…


Yes, keep subbing and contributing. Otherwise, you can lose your status from what I can understand. Besides, it’s fun to contribute here. You meet all kinds of wonderful people!

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where can i find someone/team to sub nirvana in fire

I don’t know which language you’d like to translate to, but if there is no language moderator of that language, then you should message the Channel Manager to join the team: or if there is a moderator of your chosen language, then you have to talk to her/him. You can check moderators on the Channel’s wall ( or at the Channel’s Volunteer section.