Do you cook?


I have a batch of master stock in my freezer that’s about a year old. Sometimes I’m left with very little (about 100 ml), so I need to reconstitute it and sometimes I’m left with way more.


I have to drive 40-50 minutes away to shop at the Korean store. Down in LA, there’s an Hmart close to a Kpop/merch store that I want to visit. When I finally order an album and drive down there, I’ll check out the Hmart too. I don’t like going out very often, so when I do shop for Korean groceries, I make sure I have a lot of items on my list.


I see your two and raise you CHAR SIU BAO! Cantonese style BBQ pork buns!

I’m going to have to make it because the closest bakery to me is about 985 miles away… Interestingly, I can get the Yangtzee Pork here just not the Bao. I haven’t had Char Siu Bao in about 20+ years! I wonder if that bakery in Oakland is still open?


another one to try!


Oh Hey! Carne asada and carbonara go together, right?

No? The lime in the asada doesn’t really go with carbonara? Well, who cares! Fusion foods!

Well darn!, … ok. I just realized I don’t have any limes… :thinking:

I have a yummy Ponca squash…(That’s what my gramma called them.) hmm. oh… uh… ?? ‘butternut’ squash! I think they call it?

Are squash and spaghetti considered too many carbs even when squash is a veggie? … … … hmmm. They are both delicious!

(no gochujang!)

Ok. Grilled beast, carbonara and Ponca squash! YUM!
I wonder… what if I add just a teeeeeeny bit of gochujang to the beast? :thinking: :rofl:


ok y;all with all that snow in different parts of the world, a classic, and enjoy



Very controversial topic in some families / cultures :laughing:


uh… maybe not city snows.

Oh well. I’m going to die then. When you fresh caught chickens, deer, live fish, etc. it can be a bit messy. In many cultures the job of butcher was left to the ‘untouchable’ casts.

My hubby and I would go salmon fishing every year. (He also hunted deer, elk, moose, rabbits.) Clean, them. Put them on ice till you can either cook or freeze them. You have to clean up afterwards.

If you guys can’t hack that, never live on a reservation. Uh, yea. Shoshone are not vegetarians.


Yeah, they did say that if you do it to clean off debris from fresh catches then it’s different :wink:

Last year we went diving and caught some fish (well, mostly my cousin did) and we’d always cut and clean the fish by the ocean, less of a hassle than to do it at home :laughing:

But I never understood why you would wash meat from the supermarket, farmer or the butcher, because they had already been cleared from debris and the germs would go everywhere by washing the meat :fearful:. You would kill the germs by cooking it :woman_shrugging:

I do have family members who wash their meat and won’t change it no matter what I tell them :laughing:


can I say , its psychological I think, ya gotta clean it to get rid of yeah germs, excess blood and such, the blood in particulaer, I have seen my family do it as weell, you are right, it has been cleaned, but fopr some it just isn’t enlough. make sense?


Thanks for explaining and you are right, it’s psychological :smile:.

It was more of a “I don’t understand because it causes more problems than it fixes” kind of “I don’t understand why…” It’s just that even though 1) it doesn’t actually get rid of germs and 2) the “red stuff” isn’t blood, it just goes in one ear and out the other with some family members. They’ve always done it that way and I can’t convince them otherwise :grimacing: .

But oh well… it’s their house, they can do what they want to :blush:. They can’t do it if they want to cook at my house though :woman_shrugging:.


Well Yesterday, I ‘COOKED’ REALLY FAST. Fish tacos! It only took me about 15 minutes to drive over, order my tacos and get back home to eat them. YUM! Then later I opened a can of Chili Laredo, Heated that up, tossed in a handful of crunchy Fritos and ate that.

I rarely buy Fritos but they were on SALE!

Ok. Today I actually will cook., a slab of TUNA with lemon caper sauce, rice and whatever veggie I find in the freezer.


I make salmon wraps it comes from the recipe using parchment paper called papillote wrap. I make it with alu-foil. Salmon pieces drizzle with fresh lemon juice, add salt and pepper, place thinly sliced onion and lemon and add capers on top, wrap and bake in oven for 10-15 min depending on how thick salmon is. The juices and flavors blend nicely in the flesh of salmon creating such a wonderful taste. - You can create your own recipe with adding herbs and veggies. It’s also less mess. :slight_smile:
I just wrap them differently than in this video and else… from top…



haven’t made these in a while. Can’t always find grape leaves…

YUM! My hubby wanted me to make these for him a lot.


I know you can also find them in specialty shops or local shops for Turkish and Moroccan and others that have a similar food culture. They have a lot of those here. I went into a few once (pre 2019) and saw that they sold grape leaves in these big containers. You could just grab the amount you needed.


True, but this is Idaho. Fred Meyers used to carry them, but not for a long time. So I bought dolmathes from the Grecian Key, which are good, but home made is better. I found a small grocery that sells grape leaves but haven’t made them since my hubby passed. (I really don’t need to eat that whole huge pot and how can you make ONE serving of Dolmathes? :joy:


y’all making me hungry!


I know. I am hungry myself. Getting to be toward feeding time at the zoo. I dug through my freezer… found some:

Crab and heart of palm salad
fake crab flakes,
sliced hearts of palm,
a bit of cilantro and
a little sliced green onions…
add a champagne vinegarette -Olive oil, dash of salt/ pepper.

stir that up and let it marinade for a little and GOBBLE that down!

But it’s cold today like snow is coming so I drug out some turkey legs and will have that with cranberries and either mixed grain rice or spuds and a veg of some sort… WHOLE BERRY CRANBERRY SAUCE!


My family has different names for the same thing! I call the stuffed grape leaves dolma, but my dad calls them sarma. For him, dolma is stuffed zucchini, but I call the stuffed zucchini kousa. And then there’s the stuffed cabbage leaves…I don’t know what they’re called, but my grandmother probably knows, I just didn’t ask her.


Making me hungry now. I’m going t have to crack out my rusty coins and see if I can find grape leaves in this town… Oh! I know ! AMAZON!

Oh! Hey! for my taiyaki…

Do I put out :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

or save some cash?


hmmm… I think there may be a slight taste difference! :rofl: