Do you cook?


Keto stuff.

These delicious fat bombs are made with coconut oil, natural nut butter, cocoa powder. Enjoy delicious keto fat bombs that are a breeze to make and extremely low carb. Each one of these little chocolaty delights is less than 2g net carbs. Fat bombs with only 4 ingredients that require no baking!


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  • Combine all the ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl.

  • Melt the coconut oil, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and sweetener.

  • Pour the mixture evenly into the desired shapes.

  • Refrigerate until completely solidified. Enjoy!


@frustratedwriter Mary, I call them Bliss Balls, you can also make your own almond butter and add different types of ingredients, cocoa powder, coconut rasps, dates and also ground herbs if on hand, I got mine by order like powdered gingko, eleuthero (siberian gingseng), ashwanda, nettle, green tea and that sorts, they become energy balls :). I should make some again :wink:


wow great to know, ging to copy & paste! thanks


Yes, I do cook, I didn’t know how at first when I moved out, but after burning the food a few times I figured it out. Now I usually throw stuff I like togheter and experiment. I make my own favourite foods, which aren’t to everyones liking, but I obviously love.


ohj I needed this today!!


I acciderntly deleted the recipe, sorry about that!

have some fun ok?

p/s what about Korean, Chinese, Taiwan, Japanese disjhes? ojh yeah Indian and the rest, cmon show us!!


Oh, that’s what they are called! I make something that looks similar. I use Marias cookies (although I did try using Russian Korovka cookies as a substitute, it works too), coco powder, sweetened condensed milk, and coconuts. I crush the cookies, add the coco powder and the condensed milk, mix, and then I form balls from the dough and roll them in the coconut shreds. I then refrigerate them. I’ve been making those since I was a little girl, but I never knew what to call them. It’s not a healthy snack, but it’s still tasty :smiley:


heres a yuky one I don’t know just weird! I will look at cauliflower differently from now on








ok y’all happy new year!!


Jan 3, heres your cake & cookies!!


lets not forget the tea or coffee to go with it!!

heres another one can’t believe its a cake!!!


ZERO POINTS! um I’ve eaten everything on that list except the snail. But my son ate that a-la-carte when he was 1 and 1/2. The expression on his face was so funny! :confounded: :rofl:


8 points, all things I’m allergic to or have a food intolerance for :thinking:


Zero points. But - I tried snails and the garlic butter is the yummy part, so I would eat them again, but I wouldn’t pay for them. :joy: I’m not a big fan of olives, but there are a few yummy brands. I hate onions, but I love green onions, so they count as well.


This is so cute and beautiful! Self-made?


Not me! some company does these cakes



ok from all these countries, with the mouth-watering stuff you make, what can I substitute sugar, flour or milk, being on this Keto diet is ok, but loving General Tso, Sweet & sour and the rest, I need substitutions, any help appreciated


Vegetarians look away.

Today we are going to cook Lamb stew.



I’ll let you know how it turned out.,

OopS! Caught you! As I was spicing up the stew the baggie of Curry powder fell out of the cabinet onto the counter. SOMEONE was thinking Lamb Curry :grin: Not today folks, I already put the Gochujang in.


ahh, I was thinking, “wow, what a coincidence!” I visited the Korean grocery store and replenished my essentials, namely doenjang, gochujang, sesame oil, etc. just recently.


Lucky! You have a store! I have to get so many things online cuz they don’t sell it here.


ok my funny for the day

(not for the dog)