What is your favorite Hotteok filling?

I just love Hotteok ever since I know how to make them :smile:
So far I only had them filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and some nuts like walnuts, almonds, cashew and macadamia.
I have been thinking of tying to make them with chocolate and banana or maybe red beans (but then I need to try them first as I never had it before).

I was wondering what are your favorite fillings for more inspiration :slight_smile:

For the ones who want to know how to make them:

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I just made 2 different fillings last week. One with brown sugar with cinnamon; the other with sun butter (it’s like peanut butter) with chocolate chips.

They were both good, but the filling with chocolate chips kind of came out a bit when I squished it flat, so it was a bit messier. I think I like the original brown sugar fillings better.

Another option could be using seeds, instead of nuts, with brown sugar - like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.

Hmm, love love!! My first kimchi making was with maangchi (before she had youtube) :slight_smile:
This is a similar principle like Czech buchty but they are baked instead of fried. Perhaps cream cheese type mix, blueberries would be interesting. And I’d make grated apple with cinnamon instead of brown sugar or even chopped
strawberries, I have to try this, reading this at night makes me hungry!!
Apropo banana, you could smash them with fork and add crushed walnuts and see how it comes out, I make banana pancakes all the time, also pumkin filling with pumpkin pie spices would be yummy (I would use the one in can).

Thanks for posting this!!

So chocolate might not be a good idea as it melts to fast and yeah trying to add seeds might be a nice idea too. I don’t think sunflower seeds and brown sugar go well together but maybe the pumpkin does.

I make banana pancakes every now and then too when I want something else for breakfast… using apples with cinnamon is a good idea too for a hotteok filling. And maybe add some raisins too.

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Brown sugar, cinnamon, & 2-3 Tbsp of mixed nuts is really good and is my base recipe, I use this but change additional incredients. I have used apples, Ghiradelli Chocolate chopped up, and fennel seeds; use any of these interchangeably. Love the fennel seeds and apples. I usually make a batch and freeze them, I pop them in the toaster whenever I get a craving (just like pancakes) and they taste as though I made them that day. Later I wish to try peanut butter, banana, cheese, and Nutella.