Do you Cook?


those raman recipes are awesome! throw anything in them, wow. its 9 of them now I don’t know about putting eggs in there, but hey why not try it.


You can put egg in your ramen. Either a soft boiled egg - Japanese style or just throwing in an egg, Korean ramyun style :slight_smile:


I need to go to the store to get me some ramen! really excited finding these recipes. so I will be doing a bunch of cooking. oh and by the way, the guy didn’t say byt when we do any of the raman recipes, do we throw those spices that come with raman into the mix?


Do you know Liziqi’s channel? I really love her videos and get a lot of inspiration for cooking.


no ,But I sure will look into it! thanks for the link and the first think is ginger, I so much want to learn how to do that. looks like she did show the how to, again thanks for the link. I will watch it

the lady I have been looking for, her name starts with an M, I think shes Japanese, not Korean



Is it Maangchi? She’s Korean though…


Yes, I found her shortly after Dianxi Xiaoge. If I’m not mistaken, they don’t add subtitles to her channel, but it is relaxing to watch and I can use my limited Chinese to understand bits and pieces.


Li Ziqi does work around the farm, different things, not just cooking. My favorite video of hers is when she makes her own dress and cloak.

There are English subtitles.

Maangchi is my introduction to Korean cooking and to cooking in general. I first got into cooking because of her (and the Kdramas…I still want to make tteokbokki). In fact, I am the go-to person when someone in my family wants Korean food or dessert. The one tried and true recipe from Maangchi that my family loves is the bok choy tofu doenjangguk. I’ve made it countless times and I love it everytime! I have to tweak the recipe because I don’t like seafood or seaweed, so instead of the seaweed and radish broth, I use chicken broth instead.

My personal favorite Korean food is kimchi spaghetti, even though technically it is a fusion food. I made it first with kimchi (I make my own, since the store kimchi usually has fish sauce), and I fell in love! Then I used kkadugi (radish kimchi) since that was the only kimchi I had, and I still loved it! It’s a simple recipe. I usually have to read recipes countless times to really understand how to cook the food, but I’ve memorized this one due to its simplicity.

Good luck with your cooking journey!





From time to time you can find english subs on her videos, but most of them have none. It doesn’t matter, because these videos are so relaxing. :slight_smile:


I want to learn some Korean recipes, like Soft Tofu soup and Kimchi.


Look at maangchi’s recipes. She was mentioned someone else in the thread above :blush:


YES, maangchi Thats it! thanks so much!


I think I discovered maangchi like 10 years ago, she had a simple blog page when I was looking for kimchi recipe, lol she is so funny, I still haven’t done the cucumber kimchi!!!


I used to make the kimchi pancakes after I watched a snippet from a korean show where they cooked outdoor breakfast and it was cold, Jang Hyuk he was unkempt in the early morning and was so funny at cooking, lol. YT removed the English version…


Me too. She and another Korean cook helped spark my interest to learn the Korean alphabet, so I could read ingredients that I would need (cause back then they didn’t translate the ingredient list and I have allergies, so I need to read the packages).

I also saw a K-drama with a lot of food and curious as I was, I wanted to try to make it :smile:

I still have a giant pot of gochujang fermenting away in my room (I made it in 2013, it’s still good, just getting more dense. In the summer it’s very lively and you can hear it breathe).

Cucumber kimchi is so delicious! Carrot kimchi also delicious btw :wink:


Wow, you made your own gochujang! :star_struck: So far I’ve only bought it in an Asian supermarket that during this time is beyond my reach. Luckily I still have some, though.
Do you by any chance make doenjang as well?


No, I haven’t tried it yet. My house is humid, so I’m afraid it will mold in the wrong way, especially since you have to expose it to the air… But maybe some day.

I have made miso though, mine is 8 years old now. I had planned on making soy sauce (with Dutch beans), but all my plans got axed haha. Maybe next year…

I’m in need of doenjang… Man I miss going to my Korean grocery stores :cry:


Me too! Even though there’s only one Asian supermarket in the region with Korean options and it’s not even in my town. Haha, my local supermarket does have some products stating to be “Simply Japanese”, which in small letters somewhere on the back say: “Origin: Korea”. Depending on the product, they are also made in Taiwan, China, Germany and Italy (if I remember well), but they’re all sold as “simply Japanese”. :thinking: