Do you cook?


Mary, it looks like you copy pasted the ingredients and preparation twice, check and remove it, it’s so long :joy:


uh oh I will get to that right now! thanks


ok I fixed my error


As we are entering fall season what is your favorite fall dish?
Mine would be pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie!!!

My soup is all from scratch, no canned pumpkin I don’t have really a clear measurement, I just go by the eye and what fits in a pot. :joy:
I use butternut squash, or any pumpkin
I add 1 large or 2 medium white potatoes
2 carrots
2 garlic gloves
a little fresh ginger
season with salt and pepper, if you like it spicy add sparingly Chili
The vegetables are cooked in water after first sautéed on oil for a bit, after cooking pureed with a puree stick.
Garnish with pumpkin seeds and/or whipped or sour cream, it’s delicious and warming.

PS You could also add a bit of curry to change the taste :+1:


YES homemade soup!! and don’t think I have ever tried pumpkin spoup


Yum! that looks so good!


looks too good to eat!!

thats a cake, when I glanced at it I thought it was like a Disney prop or something like that. Awesome!!


Hmmm I have some black beans, garlic, short ribs… Yum! Let’s make garlic black bean sauce short ribs!
Mr. Lau’s steamed ribs :meat_on_bone: with garlic black beans YUM! YUM! YUM! :chopsticks:

Rats! All I’m missing is the orange… :tangerine:


That cake is amazing!


I don’t know why I tempt you with this, but its neat just to look at them!!



Any suggestions?


CHILI< with or without beans!!

would anyone know how to make Kimchi,
or should I go to the lady on you tube, name starts with M, think this has been on here before, I think

I like salads for one thing, something warm like tomato soup & cheese sandwich


oh dear another fancy cake!!


how about this one?


I love that, healthy fun food!! Just brought my Halloween decorations from the attic… my kids and grandkids will come, so I need some food inspiration :yum:


I think the apple slices with marshmallows and peanut butter takes it, to me. yeah the bananas ok the web and spider fine, and the orange pumpkins awesome, lets not forget the one eyed grapes. when I did see that I thought it was so cute and thinking of Halloween too


oh dear more cakes!!


does anyone have a recipe for banana bread with a yellow cake mix, what I have got doesn’t sound right


I don’t use any mixes. Besides what they tell you to use eggs or other liquid you could maybe just add 2 banana… what’s all in the mix??
Checkout these links… I guess it’s doable, but just a bit different!

Good luck!!!


yeah I just I did the build your bite, and just not sure about it, seems like something is missing in both

thanks I need to find one, I didn’t want to throw these bananas away