Do you cook?


I think as long the consistency is right, it should work out, might taste a bit different than a regular recipe, but to me it seems like doable. Let me know?


I just stuck it in the oven, smells yummy! and I will let you know


ok I cheated, after I took it out of oven, I snuck a bite, oh my goodness, flavor over the top! can’t wait now forit to cool, gonna make me some coffee and sit and enjoy it a slice that is, hehehehe


anyway, texture is good, smell, flavor awesome, and for my first taste, wow! oh and fyi, my very first banana bread I ever made! and thats a lot for my “young years” hehehehe

got a small slice with my coffee oh a feel good time for sure!!


That is so darned CUTE! Our mommy never fixed our food like that. sniff


uh oh doing it again, don’t know if I should have put it on the segue cafe one, due to our handsome baristas, but I will take a chance and put these on here and if a cutie could serve these with our coffee I wouldn’t mind


I think someone is hungry for tea-time with dainty tea service. :innocent: :smirk:


:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck: oh yes!!! what better way to meet friends and enjoy each others company!!??


Here you go. Some fancy tea service sets to go along with your fancy desserts.

Found another one for you.


beautiful!! love looking at tea sets, great for the cupcakes and all


My mom would love those frilly things. I don’t really care for that style though. Here are some that I like.

This one is mine. It comes with a nice big strainer. It’s cast iron. I like loose leaf cha.

Hmmm… My taste in teapots is distinctively Japanese.


Some more that I like.

Ooo! So cute! I want it! I hafta go find the dragonfly one!

AAAGHHH! It’s sold out! Waaa!


Here are some Korean celadon teapots.

sigh the message bot tells me I can’t make more entries.

Chinese style tea sets.
Chinese style tea sets.


Such fancy cupcakes!

Looks like @porkypine90_261 could start a whole thread just for beautiful tea sets.


yeah!! but absolutely beautiful!!! I am kinda partial to the blue ones per mine, but the rest are beautiful too


I cook now once in a while so I have to be creative bc I want it to be over as soon as possible. I make ribs for my son and invented this sauce that he loves so much (I don’t care for ribs much less with any kind of sauce).

The ribs I season them lightly and I cooked them by steaming them until they fall of the bone. Once they are cooked I put them in an microwave dish and pour the sauce and microwave for 2 minutes (1 minute each side) It allows sauce to absorb in the already cooked ribs.

Sauce recipe
Duck sweet and sour sauce
Brown Sugar or Honey or Aunt Jemima syrup (choose one only) My son loves the pancake syrup.
Any Barbeque sauce
Soy sauce

Mix all those ingredients well before adding to the ribs.
I don’t do measurement bc I go by the amount of ribs I’m serving him.

If by chance I make too much sauce, I save it in the freezer to preserve the flavors. Thaw the sauce before adding to ribs in microwave. Bon Appetit!


mmmmmmmm sounds good!!!


Thank you!

My son loves it, and that’s the best part bc is easy to do and fast to cook.


I’m so happy for you, Mary, that the banana bread came out well, this is probably the easiest version for you. I can’t believe it’s your “very first one” :joy: :clap: I love banana breads I add also walnuts I crush them in a bag a bit though.

I’m making a Swiss Italian prunes tarte today… last prunes… the season is over… :frowning:
and in 2 weeks I’ll be making a pumpkin pie and wanna try shepherd’s pie, I’ve never done one yet. - My kids and grandkids will come over, so I have to feed them :laughing:


When I was in London with my mom once, we went in a traditional Victorian Tea Room to have tea and some dessert. Everything was like in the Victorian era, the tea service and furnishing, the waitress was also dressed as a Victorian maid, we couldn’t stop looking and admiring the place. :blush: