Do you cook?


that sounds awesome!! and I haven’t had a shephards pie in a very long time!! maybe I need to try my hand at it. Food network here I come!! now got to figure servings 8 to at least 2, me,myself,&I


I’m not usually a shepherd’s pie kind of girl, but the one in that pic looks mouthwatering.


Yea. My hubby is gone now and my varmint 'eat everything in site’ son is grown, married and with kids of his own now so I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK FOR ONE PERSON!

What I do for casserole-like foods is to put them in separate containers and freeze them. Then I just take that out and heat them up when I don’t want to or am too busy to cook. It works really well for stews … Cook it all up in a big pot then divide and freeze for later.


yes about a cup or two in a container then freeze it. and really works well for me as well


Seen this and thought yoou all would enjoy this, I didn’t see a recipe


OOo Try gazpacho! YUM!


I love watching her make bento’s. I like making bento’s too.


with talking about our tea sets thought I’d share this one




LMAO :rofl: That’s a calories bomb! There is more sugar and fat than actual cocoa powder / chocolate. But it’s very creative and looks very tempting!! :yum:


I love chocolate, but that is overkill. Holy moly!


I DO COOK once in a while.
Menu for today

My Puerto Rican/Dominican beef Patties


1 lb. Ground beef/ Chicken breast cut up in small pieces
4 Tbsp. Sofrito Goya (preferred)
2 Packet Sazon con achiote GOYA (annatto)
1 can of Goya tomato sauce or 2 teaspoon of tomato paste Goya
? Stuffed olives to your desire (I love the taste the olives gives the beef or chicken I use plenty)
4 Package Goya discos ; Frozen turnover dough (I like LA Fe brand too)

Cook the beef first; when the meat is done: add the sofrito Goya/ can of sauce or tomato paste (choose 1) / add olives/ 2 packets of sazon con achiote. Stir well cover and simmer in low fire.

Meantime heat up the oil

The Goya already DISC done can’t be fully thaw bc it will break. If they get too soft put it in the freezer until it becomes a bit firm, but not frozen!

Add the meat in the middle of the DISCO GOYA and close with a fork all around.

Add to very hot oil and with fork move the DISC around (makes bubbles) Turn as needed. Don’t fry in HIGH heat for it won’t cook the dough inside ugh! I like to fry 3 Disco/patties at the same time.

This is best done by two people since is very hard for only one person to do so many steps.

You can also cook the chicken breast (cut up in small pieces) the same way as the Beef. My son prefers chicken patties over Beef, and I don’t like the chicken patties. lol

They can be BAKED in the oven but I don’t like that it gets too dry in the oven; so I rather fry them.

You will need lots of paper towels to absorb the oil. Don’t eat them right from the pan bc you will get BURN tongue/palate/ etc…Been there lol


now that looks good!!

hey y’all with that chocolate? just think yeah sugar surge, do you know what would happen if a diabetic eat that?? I will not touch!!!


If you google it you can find recipes for smaller portions and btw my kids can’t come so I’ll probably do also a small portion…


I cooked a quick Gulash with boar meat, oh it was so good, much better than beef!! I usually cook from scratch but I found a Gulash mix so I made this quick sauce, but cooked red onions and heated Spätzle.

There are many versions of Gulash, I don’t use butter and caraway seeds. I sometimes add a pepper and or carrots. I add the Paprika after browning the meat and let it cook a bit and then add bouillon. Instead of using stew meat you can shorten time and cook ground beef… or other red meat. (Don’t try goat… I couldn’t get the taste :joy:)


I can’t eat chocolate bc it makes me very ill; after a surgery I had done back in 2005. I use to worship chocolate, and now I run from it, like the Devil to the cross. lol



If you have an ALDI’s supermarket they sell the most delicious Shepherd’s pie. I ate the whole thing in two servings bc is really good

Bremer Shepherd’s Pie-----SIMPLY DELICIOUS/ECONOMICAL/ microwave and listo!

Aldi’s Bremer Shepherd’s Pie cost $5.99 for a 30-oz. box at the time of publication. It’s a Regular Buy that is in the store’s freezer section year round. The package describes it as “seasoned minced beef and vegetables in a savory tomato sauce with a buttery mashed potato topping.” It’s gluten free and a product of Canada.


got one about 5 miles away, I will just do that this week!



I suggest you get brown gravy and make it to add to the ‘‘pie’’ it adds more flavor to it too.

My oldest daughter taught me how to make Shepperd’s pie, but is too much work for me bc my kids won’t eat it, so I found this one and I was so happy bc is perfect size.


Weather was perfect for hotteok, so I made some :smile: