Do you cook?



1 can(s)pineapple chunks, in their own juice

1 can(s)mandarin oranges, drained

1 bunchgreen grapes, halved


AccueilBest fruit saladBest fruit salad

Best fruit salad

“This fruit salad is delicious to cool off. It’s succulent. Your turn now!”

  • Ingredients :

°2 oranges

°1 teaspoon cinnamon

°2 bags of vanilla sugar

°1 half pineapple

°4 kiwis

°1 mango

°1 lemon


Step 1

Peel the pineapple on a large scale, and cut it into medium-sized cubes. Then do the same with the orange. Then peel the kiwi and cut into thinner cubes. Do the same with the mango by removing the pit.

The second step

Put all of this fruit in a salad bowl. Squeeze the lemon and add it to the fruit.

Step 3

Finally, add the vanilla sugar and cinnamon. Then permit it for an 1 h in refrigerator.

Step 4

Once out of the fridge, put the salad in the ramekins. For garnish, you can put a cinnamon stick or fresh mint leaves. Reward yourself!

not really sure of this one…

doesn’t have the strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, and I don’t think sugar should be added, whipped cream for topping maybe


Yes, I dip them in boiling water instead of alcohol.

Probably isn’t :blush:. I always saw these in Japanese and Korean anime or series and I had a hard time finding the hoshigaki to try it, so I made them myself. Do this with a lot of things :rofl:

If you try to make these in a dehydrator, you’ll probably have to figure out when to stop drying them to massage them and dry them more or just slice them and dehydrate them or combine dehydrating and airdrying. I’ve done all of these before, but they do taste different than the air-dried method.


I went to the grocery store yesterday, and the first thing you see when you walk in is a giant display of persimmons! If our grocery stores have ever carried them before, I have never even taken notice, but since I started watching Kdramas, these caught my attention for once.


I had a chance to get some persimmons, but the person cancelled on me. but thats ok, I will watch y’all with them.

ok bring on the leftovers recipes!
creamy chicken/turkey casserole
slow cooker homemade chicken/turkey pie


oh my goodness!!


ok off the serious stuff!


Cute cake 🎂 cat 🐈



now gotta find the doggie one, y’know the one eating the cake, think its way up on the messages

I am re-posting this, hope y’all enjoy this one, well I can’t eat it due to the sugar content. but y’all can!!


I made tteokbokki Indian style a few days back! It came out really well!!! I made the rice cakes from scratch which was really fun :smiley:


Did you use glutinous/sweet rice flour, like they use for kimchi or mochi?


Yes, making rice cakes is a lot of fun!
I’ve noticed that I like the texture of the homemade ones better than the store-bought rice cakes, so I don’t even buy them anymore :laughing:

I don’t know about @sneha_narayanaswamy, but when I make them I grind either soaked short grain rice into flour. The glutinous / sweet rice flour doesn’t really work for rice cakes like this.


No… I just used the normal rice flour that was available in my region!!


You can try using the normal rice flour as well!!



See them all here:

chocolate chip cookies a breeze! so easy!!!


Did you know Cake Mixes GOT SMALLER - if you have old recipes you have to buy 2 mixes to make the recipe come out right.


yes theres always been smaller boxes of cake mixes, you don’t see them, they are like on a top shelf


Actually the companies changed their weight - so if you make an old recipe with a regular box cake mix now the weight is different - LESS -

Some of my older recipes I have to add more cake mix like Duncan Hines Etc from a regular box.

They did it sneaky and same price


I sure didn’t notice, I will next time I get a cake mix! thanks for that one


Can I cook? Not very well. I can make a few dishes that I like though.

If I had a choice though, my requirement in finding a hubby was that HE would know how to cook. I don’t mind working tough hours as long as I didn’t have to be the one cooking. :rofl::joy:

I found out, I’m too technical when I make anything. Like a science experiment, I have to measure everything out exactly as it’s written in the recipe.


science huh? ye4ah heres the old southern “science” a pinch here, a pinch there, a dab, a squirt and so on, and yeah finding a hubby? few and far between, don’t seem to find those fantastic cooks anymore.


I always get worried about whether I added enough or too much of something.

My biggest fear is undercooking meat. I get a little paranoid hahaha

I use to worry about poisoning my ex when I made him taste stuff. :rofl:

I’m more relaxed when I’m baking.