Do you Cook?


feyfayer, thats why I want to learn those dishes, I watch them cook those recipes on the dramas we watch, but they don’t tell us the how to!! so I am ready, the rice ball I will have to work on, the ramen, not able to go to the store, could order and they be sent, but will have to wait on ordering them


yes I like cook the delicious



Four years later, I hope you are doing great at cooking. I learned to cook at 19 years old. Now I cook vegan and super healthy. I read that ramen noodles is like eating plastic plus the MSG promotes cravings and weight gain. Even table salt has added aluminum and MSG so I only buy Himalayan (pink) salt for my hubby. I eat no salt for my blood pressure. Cooking is mostly practicing three meals a day :)) If you’re still having issues with hot oil, try using a frying air cooker and/or get a copper frying pan with high sides.


Tive que aprender a cozinhar para o período que minha filha viesse passar um tempo comigo. Amigos me zoam lembrando da minha infancia quando minha mãe orecisava ir trabalhar e eu tinha que me virar sozinho em casa. Para um ovo frito, capacete e panos de prato enrolados nos braços para evitar os respingos do óleo.


Unlike American pancakes, mine are thinner and have these little tiny holes from using mineral water. They’re really tasty. You can put jam or nutella, even cheese if you wish, before either rolling them or packing them into a nice treat. :pancakes: :smiley:


Those look like crepes that my mom makes ‘blinchiks’ from (they are also called blini). They are like Russian pancakes. My mom usually stuffs them with fried ground beef, but tvorog and jam are also widely used fillings. Is it the same thing that you make?




ooooooohhhhhhh,that looks so good! (haven’t had breakfast yet) Russian crepes will have to look that one up! yummy!


Yes, I think so. They’re an East European treat.


I’ll add one more, Czech Palacinky, it’s more or less same type of egg flour milk or water recipe, they are thin not as crepes and I love them with fruits and sour cream!! If Nutella, then a healthy version, they changed the ingredients a lot.
(I have the same plates and cups it’s called Cibulak it has an onion print on the china and is made in Czech Republic)


Looking up your China:


Wow so it derives from Chinese painting pattern and still exist to this day, the dishes are quite expensive depending on many factors. The dishes I have are Bohemia or Czech Republic made I believe from Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary), as there is lots of Kaolin they had quite many factories, my parents used to work there.


:joy::joy: I laugh tears here, what are you doing to me?
I lost 2 kilos, During the past 2 months… Fought really hard​:muscle:… And now I see your pictures, and felt like I gained 5 kilos :woozy_face::grin:

Shit, What does it look delicious :yum::yum:
Just keep it up :blush:


Don’t worry: the pictures have zero calories. :rofl:


Yes. I love to cook. My problem is cooking for just one or two. I can cook for an army on short notice, but not making TOO much food is a problem for me. :grin:

I am the eldest and I cooked several nights a week when I was a teenager. When I got married and came back to visit, my mom was mad at me and said, “Where have you been! You were supposed to cook yesterday!” I just looked at her and said, “Uh, mom, I got married, remember?” She kind of fake wailed and said, “I lost my cook!” :rofl:


Super EASY Dinner! And tasty! Arroz con pollo - Good for when you are getting home from work late and don’t have time to cook fancy because you have other chores to do?

1: Wash medium grain rice and put it in a rice cooker 1-1 ratio. (You can add a dash of salt and a tiny bit of olive oil if you like that - stir it and cook. )
2: In a glass baking pan, put in frozen chicken legs or thighs and pour in a jar of Mrs Renfro’s jalapeno salsa, Or Herdez salsa verde or whatever green tomatillo and jalapeno based salsa you can find in your area… Cover with foil and bake that at 400 for about an hour. (Check to make sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked before serving.)

In a bowl, serve the chicken next to the rice and eat with whatever veggies you want.

It’s not hot (to me) but if you are not used to chili, it may’ burn your worms’ out. :wink:


I have learned, also being single for 20 years. cook for two, put remainfder in as bowl or dish, you have another meal later in the week, and does save money. Being we are watching our pennies now. mine would be cream of chicken soup or crream of mushroom, or mix both, that would then be for a crowd. sorry no0t too fond of hot sauses.


I’m gonna try to make tteokbokki today. Yesterday I made the rice cakes and today I will make the sauce. The rice cakes look like lumpy logs, nothing like in the dramas, but I tried :sweat_smile:


Maybe they’ll taste like in the dramas. :slight_smile:


yea. I love hot stuff but I can’t handle dairy so I can’t eat cream of anything.


I have a question for our asian friewnds, when you make the veggie omlet, how do you keep it firm instead pof breaking into pieces? I know I put too much stuff in mine, but how dop you keep it firm. thanks.