Do you Cook?


This youtube video will show you how to make it.


If I stir my stuff like that I would loose it! oh that looked so good! I* noticed she didn’t add milk, which I do, hmm maybe thats the problem then and its solid!! oh I just gotta try it for sure I will get on youtube and watch again. thank you so much for the link. omurice, “prince on the rooftop!” I remember the name

Loved it, I must try soon!


I got fresh yeast at the discounter around my corner, it feels like ages to me since I last got one. I am going to make pizza next week, yeah!


I came across this today, haha, I want to taste it but don’t want to make it.


Find someone to make it for you! :wink:


@mirjam_465 Not that easy at the moment … But I am patient.


A mi me encanta cocinar. Busco nuevas recetas en youtube o facebook . Mi hijo mayor me sigue la corriente y apenas tiene 17 años, es un desastre en la cocina pero lo intenta muy bien. Anímate. Cosas simples. Que tal unos huevos revueltos con cebolla, tomate, pimentó, sal y pimienta. Ah y unas tostadas con miel. Simple.


He’ll get better at it :sweat_smile:


This video really changed my view about grilled sandwiches!


You can’t buy kimchi in a store? I bought a chili pepper plant, cos I couldn’t find fresh hot chili peppers in store for my master tonic, I tried one today… hot hot… :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:


Do you keep it inside or in the garden?


Haha toasti. We call them tosti’s here.
That little griller he had brings back memories :smile:


@mirjam_465 I have them on my balcony, I bought them already with 4 chilies at the garden center. I found out that you can freeze them, which I will do, cos fresh is different than dry. I have two types of hot peppers, one red chili and the other mild hot supposed to be red but staying green, lol. I’m also harvesting strawberries, hmm!!! My balcony is full of plants, too much, also onions (which was another project) lettuce and I’m hoping for tomatoes. Are you growing plants outside?


Oh, wow, I thought chili needed a really hot climate.
When I was a child we had strawberries in our backyard. And crossberries.
But nowadays I’m not specifically growing anything. A few years ago I got an Iraqi mint plant and a Morroccan mint plant from someone. I put them in my garden, but they never spread and eventually just disappeared.


Mint didn’t spread, I made the mistake once and it took over a great deal of garden I had to weed out. The chili is perhaps made for average climate, it has all day sunlight so it looks to do okay but slowly growing. I wasn’t much lucky with regular peppers in raised bed… I’m growing Calendula (Marigold medicinal) from seeds, it seems to grow slowly… oh well we’ll see how long the fun will last :joy:


Are you going to make some kind of skincare product with that?


You have a good nose Mirjam, I made once oil extract with Marigold, you can also dry them and either use in tea or also oil, the oil with fresh flowers is tricky as they still contain water and water and oil don’t do always well, so the purchased one is of a better quality. I used to make healing salves, chap stick (lip balms) and creams, ah deodorant too and mixing soaps (from soap blocks)… I hope I get back soon to make them again, they are so much fun and contain natural ingredients… I have to almost relearn making them… since I haven’t done them for maybe 3 years… do you make your own products?

I also made oil with wild violets and dandelions that grew in my big backyard and tincture from Comfrey root.


I finally broke down and made cupcakes, the first one is delicious! also I am here by myself and I got to lick the bowl!! what a treat! and don’t reply about the dangers and all about bowl licking, I do know, but oh so good!!!

heres a question, with so much sugar in a lot of recipes, can that sugar be substituted for say like stevia?


That reminds me of my time in Finland, when I used to bake muffins! Too bad I don’t have an oven nowadays …

Dangers because of the raw egg? If you replace the eggs with something else, there’s no danger. And there are also healthy things in raw egg, so let’s assume it’s okay for now. :slight_smile:

Since factories use stevia to replace sugar in their products, I guess so can we. Although I wouldn’t know where to buy it. And I guess you would have to experiment with it to find out the right amount, etc.


Mary, licking the bowl, I’m one of those and still alive. In Europe the eggs aren’t sold in fridge because they aren’t washed. When I was a kid my dad took me skiing and it was a simple lodge without a real kitchen, he whipped every morning an egg with milk to drink, lol, I think he added some sugar, it was good! I also prefer raw milk than the ultrapasteurized milk that is not that well digestible…

I stumbled over this egg video :slight_smile: the many ways you can do with eggs… I couldn’t believe what I saw… I think one or two ways were questionable to me… in particular cooking in plastic…