Do you Cook?


the milk with sugar is a “malted milk” concoction. Yeah, I used to have it with the frehs milk years ago! add cinnamon to it and what a flavor! unpasturized, the youbg’uns just don’t knjow what they are missing!
I will look at the video in a bit

Simi11 just finished watching oh my goodness!


You don’t need to buy kimchee - just invite Jo Eun-Seob for a meal. (Woo Do Hwan from The King-Eternal Monarch) He’ll have a bag of Kimchee in his pocket. :rofl:

This recipe is really easy to make and tastes great!


I lost his number … Could you ask him to call me? :joy:


I cook a bit at home (mostly for myself and my sister) but I have no portion control so I always put way too much food which I end up eating anyway :wink:
Most of the time I cook egg fried rice/pasta or simple meals but I made strawberry tarts recently and they were so nice.

Also try putting condensed milk in tea instead of normal milk and sugar, you won’t be disappointed.


this dish must taste good! I made actually Kimchi yesterday because I found very nice and cheap Chinese cabbage, with a little leftover of the chili paste with veggies I mixed cucumbers… it’s so good :heart_eyes: (but was lengthy work, the rinsing of the salted cabbage takes time)


I’ve never tried kimchi but then again I’m not a lover of spicy food :frowning:


Did you add the cucumbers to the kimchi? If so, may I ask which kind of cucumber? I’m planning on making kimchi today, and since I don’t have daikon or korean radish on hand, I wanted to add another vegetable besides carrots and green onions.


Are you British? :wink: Edit: I read you were Russian somewhere else, so I was wrong :rofl:

I’ve grown up with condensed milk and putting it in tea was my jam (or just honey). But I started drinking better quality tea since it became my hobby (which doesn’t need sugar, milk or honey), so i don’t add condensed milk or milk / heavy cream unless I’m making boba tea :blush:

By the way, this time of the year strawberries and rhubarb are in season, so time to make some yummy things with those. Already made strawberry mochi :smile:


I also really love honey tea. I live in the UK so I drink my tea with milk unless it’s fruit tea :relieved:

I find that normal tea is a bit too strong for my taste so the milk helps reduce the strength of it.


Haha yes, I associate milk in tea with the UK :rofl:
Ever try loose leaf tea? You can make it as strong or weak as you want.


I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll try get some soon though, my favourite types of tea are berry tea and chai tea.


Oh, I do love me a good chai tea :smile:

Tea is also great for making cookies. I’ve made cookies infused with tea once, but I want to try it again. And tea-infused creams are also great.


I used the recipe from maangchi, but I didn’t have the small cukes, so I just cut up the large European cuke in quarters and added the paste. If you don’t find daikon radish you could probably try with red radish, I added a pear but didn’t have asian pear just regular pear. (that refers to the regular kimchi recipe)

another version here:

there is also just spring onions kimchi wraps online, I saw it first in the Kimchi Family drama :wink:

I cannot think of other veggies you could add for fermenting kimchi
Good luck!!!


@helenama73_911 You can add whatever you want, as long as it’s edible raw.
For example, I recently made kimchi with turnips and turnip greens.
You can make kimchi with most things really. And like @simi11 said, in Kimchi family
they show many different kinds, like bell pepper kimchi :smile:


Is that a thing? :open_mouth:


Lol, you made me laugh! It’s a fruit :slight_smile:


I only read that someone’s broccoli kimchi went wrong so I didn’t want suggest something I’m not experienced with. I got in store a kimchi (ferment) red beets with red cabbage and the pepper sauce etc. no scallions. I think there is an apple, too. It tastes very refreshing. And btw in Kimchi Family I liked the Lotus Kimchi, was it water kimchi…? The drama was very Korean traditional cooking inspiration and the Kimchi making looked so easy :slight_smile:


Oh, I think I may have seen them in a Finnish supermarket, years ago.


Yuck! The idea of putting any kind of milk in green tea just sounds horrible. lol I don’t care for black teas. I prefer the green tea with toasted rice. (No milk, no sugar) That is very good. :grinning:

OMG!! That reminds me of the last time I was in San Francisco at the trade center! They had Uji Mochi Freeze! That was the MOST addictive and great tasting green tea slushie I’ve ever had. YUM! (Dang it! I can’t get it in Idaho… 900 miles away. from my Uji Mochi Freeze supply! ) :yum::rofl:


Yea, Just look up the Taekwando center in Seoul. :rofl: :sunglasses: