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Oh, I’m allergic to broccoli, so I haven’t tried making kimchi with those either :sweat_smile:

Usually people put milk in black or red teas :rofl:

Have you ever tried a matcha latte? They are quite popular :wink: And they make boba’s with green tea & milk. Would I put milk in my own green tea? No. But I don’t drink milk or sugar in the teas I have now, whether they are black, green, white or other types of teas, again, unless I’m making boba :blush:


anyone try the microwave mug cakes? try the breakfast one, its really delicious!
3/4 c apple
2 tablespoon pancake mix
1 tablespoon sugar
1 large egg

as for the apple, the recipe says to grate it, but I just cut mine thin and use a sweet tart apple

a 16oz cup,
spray with a non stick spray
mix the stuff together till well blended, I sometimes add cinnamon to mine, couple of shakes or you experiment to your liking, I love cinnamon rolls, soooo, guess,
put in microwave on high 1-1/12 to 2 minutes, check after the 1-1/2 minute, it puffs up! and afterward, a delight, something different
and for some of us we are watching what we eat. and this pandemic doesn’t help. this is a weight watchers recipe. so the points are 7 smart points, green plan, 5 points blue plan,& purple , 6 points the old plan.
add your different stuff, like nuts, or pineapple, or whatever you want in your mix.


I have never heard of that. How exactly does that work?

I usually drink all my tea plain. I prefer black tea, but I also like green or white tea, or some herbal teas. I occasionally like black tea with milk, but I wouldn’t want to drink it all day long. I guess the last time I put milk in my tea may have been with Lapsang/Souchong (a tea that tasted like a crossbreed between smoked sausages and cigars), because the package said it might help, but it didn’t help: it was still undrinkable. Haha, I had had it before, in my youth, but wanted to try it again to see if maybe it wasn’t that horrible after all …
Anyways, I do like matcha latte. But it’s not something I would drink on a daily basis. No day goes by without black tea, though. And every piece of chocolate, cookie, cake, etc. needs to be accompanied by a cup of black tea. Dinner needs to be washed away with black tea as well. Black tea … need I say more? :wink:


Green tea + roasted rice = genmaicha.
Also a big fan of that (Japanese) tea :grin:. Hojicha en mugicha are also great.

Oh I strongly dislike Lapsang tea… It tastes like I imagine a sigaret would taste like based on the smell. I tried it many times, it’s just not for me :rofl:

And I prefer matcha to matcha lattes. I only drink it at cafes if I happen to be in the mood for it (with oat milk and honey it tastes great, it was recommended to me by the owner of a matcha bar) while I have matcha at home.


Do you buy it like that or do you have to put the rice in yourself?

A matcha bar sounds great, but I don’t think there’s any near me …


You buy it like that. I’m pretty sure I saw it in supermarkets like the Amazing Oriental & Ekoplaza. But you can always order it online or when you’re in one of the big cities :wink:


There are an Amazing Oriental and an Ekoplaza in the nearest big city, but yeah, haven’t been there lately. Will keep it in mind, though. :slight_smile:


There are so many kinds of kimchi, and cucumber kimchi is just one of many. But if you are making the regular Napa cabbage kimchi, don’t mix in cucumber into that. Just make them separately as they will ferment differently and cucumbers could become too mushy and sour. With regular cabbage kimchi, I wouldn’t add any other vegetables other than Korean radish or maybe something similar, such as daikon or turnips. You can also add Korean mustard leaves (Ghat), but I doubt you’d have access to that if you don’t even have Korean radish.


I’ve made 깍두기 (Ggakdugi - cubed radish kimchi) with red beets before and although it was similar to the regular Ggakdugi, beets had a bit of too much earthy taste to me. But if Korean radish isn’t available, it can be a substitute. Just make sure to brine it in salt (with a little sugar) water for a long time before using it for kimchi.


Korean (or Asian) pears are much bigger and rounder than American (or regular) pears. They are so sweet and juicy! The texture is a lot firmer than the regular pears so it almost feels like a cross between an apple and a pear.


Yes, I noticed that the Korean ones we get here (in NL) are a lot sweeter than the Asian pears in the Asian supermarket. Definitely worth trying if you can find them :smile:

P. s. I tried it with the skin on and I see why they always peel it on dramas :rofl: I prefer it with the skin off.


I moved the recipe to :Quarantine recipe recommendations?


Do you have them in your regular supermarket? :open_mouth:


No :cry:

Je kan de normale Asian pears in de Amazing Oriental vinden, maar voor de Koreaanse moet je naar een Koreaanse winkel zoals in Rotterdam of Amsterdam :frowning:


Unlike the “regular” pears, you are supposed to peel the skin off of a Korean pear as the skin is thick and tough! :joy:


Dat wordt een lange reis … :disappointed_relieved:


Well the one I had, the skin wasn’t very thick or tough per se, but it was awfully sour compared to the sweetness of the actual fruit. It just tasted bad to me :laughing:


Thicker and tougher than the “regular” ones, I mean. And yes, they taste bad, too! You know Koreans eat pretty much anything and everything, especially when it comes to vegetables/fruits/weeds (or I tell my kids the “Korean veggies,” such as plantago, dandelion, shepherds purse, crown daisy, etc. )/plants/roots/tree barks, so on! So when Koreans don’t eat it, then there’s a good reason for it! lol

Most Famous food around the world

If you can’t find it locally, you can buy it online from several places. Here’s what it looks like.
This kind of tea was made by people who needed to stretch their tea supply out and it tastes good too.

I don’t drink or eat foods with milk - like pudding, cream of anything or lattes, etc. because I am lactose intolerant and milk gives me terrible gut pain. yea, Don’t need that stuff.


Man! You are making me HUNGRY! I LOVE octopus and can’t get them in Idaho unless I buy sushi and even then I don’t see it that often.! :sob: So, you don’t just ‘quick set’ the octopus, you cook the heck out of it? Have you tried just cooking it enough to ‘set it’ then ‘curing it’ with lime? Your recipe sounds a lot like my calamari salad recipe except I haven’t’ used capers before. I’ll try that next time I get my hands on some squid or octopus. :smiley:

Funny! This actually happened to me at Pike’s Fish Market in Seattle. It is that huge place where the guys throw fish to each other. (YIKES!) They catch them though… anyway,… There is an artisan section nearby. I was shopping there with my hubby and saw a cute little octopus pin. I showed it to him. He said, “How cute.” and I replied, “And tasty too!”

Man oh MAN! that artisan nearly bit my head off! “How dare you eat octopus! Don’t you know how intelligent they are!” She was going on and on, Furious with me like I was a cannibal chomping on her child. I just looked at her and tried my best not to laugh. But I behaved and didn’t respond with what I was thinking “Uh, You ever heard of you are what you eat?” (smart octopus are good for your brains) and also I thought, “Uh lady, you are set up in a fish market, maybe you should set up somewhere far away from cannibals.”

I mean like really! What was she thinking? The people who shop there eat seafood. :rofl: