Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


Well in warm weather yeah :wink: not in cold weather and I never water them that much either (about a small-medium tea cup). The soil they are planted in is specifically for succulents, so it lets the water through very quickly. Trimming the leaves is important for my plants though. I didn’t do it that often last year and I could see they didn’t like that :cry:.

The type of climate you’re in also plays a role and maybe altitude does as well? Idk :laughing:


I was at sea level 25 years ago (San Francisco) but I’ve been living in high desert around 4800 feet elevation (1463.04 meters) for the last 25 years. And plants that prefer haphazard love and attention do very well with me. :laughing: Yea. I am nota plant coddler but I do like them. I am one of those, ‘Plant and come back to harvest’ kinda farmers. :laughing: Nah, I will water and pull the weeds on occasion. :grin:


and then the weeds become the flowers you pull??


ok heres something I would like to have/make/

heres another thought y’all would be interested

They will fit perfectly in any interior and will give a special look to your space.

Adorable DIY Mini Gardens That Will Catch Your Eye

Adorable DIY Mini Gardens That Will Catch


my ginger is finally coming up

ok a question for y’all , my elephant ears, peace lilies, aloe vera, can I sit them outside for the day, going to be warm ,sun shinny and so on. would like to know, or I can google it and youtube
but hey what better way to get to know y’all than do it this way?


If it’s not too hot and sunny, yes. I would put them out starting on a cloudy, but warm day, so they don’t get a sunburn. And at night you can put them inside your home to avoid freezing temperatures.

When I put my seedlings out, in order to acclimate them, I use Ikea boxes. So I can transport them easily in and out.

If you leave the lid on with just a small space, you get a green house effect and keep rain outside. But don’t forget to let some fresh air in from time to time.


A few weeks ago I started to grow my vegetables for this year, first my tomatos and some chilis. I have a rack for them and a special light with full spectrum LEDs. They are doing pretty well. I have some Black Cherry, Black Krim, Orange Cherry, Ananas tomatos, Gargamel, Blue Key, Wild Peru tomatos, Yellow Pears, Genovese Pomodoro and an unknown middle-sized red tomato. All are seedstable old tomato varieties.

Crops like zucchini, pumpinks, melons and cucumber are growing very fast, so I will sow them mid April and can plant them out in May.


here is some roses for you folks, would love th grow some like this, oh yeah hyave any of you seen any green ones?? happy Easter


well goinmg to give it a try this week, planting some seeds and repotting my peace lily too, think I over watered it.


I tried that hanging garden but my plants desiccated in the dry summer heat. The dryness here just sucks all the moisture out of hanging plants.


Put them in 50% shade at first and out of the wind until they ‘harden off’ otherwise they will shrivel and burn up in the sun.


thought y’all might enjoy a bit of spring


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In love with Troll doll planters 🥰🥰

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they really look cute omg :star_struck:
Is the dress on them “real” or fake?


kinda looks real to me


I am so glad I didn’t p-lant anything the other day! Here in NC we are having frost warnings!

enjoy this


100% agreed! :hearts:


and again tonight running into the 30’s! good griev, winter all over again!!


well looks my aloe vera is dying, it is turning black


Ooh no… are you watering them too much or maybe the soil doesn’t let through any air?


I honestly don’t know, but I think I didn’t bring them in fast enough with our cold spell last week, I covered them with plastic, spray misted them, and gonna forget them for awhile. I sure hate losing them!!