Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


It sounds like it got nipped by the frost. :frowning_face: Don’t give up on it just yet. If the grow-point below the soil level wasn’t damaged, it may make a comeback but it will probably take a while. I have a HUGE aloe vera that I’ve had for about 10 years. It has filled the pot with tons of starts (young aloe vera). I only water about every two weeks and it has been doing fine for years. Good luck!


I put it out doors, being its going to be warm & sunny today, oh gosh I do hope I can save it!!

(Aloe vera)


so hopefully that will help!


I just planted some zinnias, sure looks good, course the back is hurting, but its worth it.0

just found this on FB and thought I would share it here

Amorphophallus Titanum, the largest flower in the world. It blooms once every 40 years only for 4 days

image put in your garden to keep critters away


Jamie Stewart

Brigit Mcdonald…/man-eating-flowers-crochet…

Man eating Flowers Crochet pattern by cornelia rockliff

Man eating Flowers Crochet pattern by cornelia rockliff




To who it may concern; YOUTUBE has a lot of good tips on how to take care of your plants. INDOOR PLANTS only.

Amazingly, I discovered that is best to change the soil/dirt in your plants/planters every 6 months!
I bought new soil/dirt and planter, and my plants are blooming like babies!

I also had a white ‘‘crust’’ in my plants, and it turns out that it’s some kind of mold/mildew the plants get. The guy made a solution and ‘‘washed’’ his plant before re-planting them again. I also did it, but forgot what the solution was made of (dishwashing liquid?).

I also added rocks to my succulents, and they are growing so much faster. It’s like if the rocks are vitamins to them.

Another thing, I add ‘‘coconut dirt’’ COCONUT FIBER SUBSTRATE which I buy at the pet store (by the fish tank) I first add a thin layer of the coconut fiber in the bottom, and then the regular soil/dirt. For succulents I only use the coconut dirt/fiber, and rocks. I never use regular dirt/soil to my succulent plants, and they are simply gorgeous.

Hope it helps someone!


coconut fiber? hmmm I will find it then , thanks angelight313.

didn’t realize one had to change the dirt either. a couple of mine hat that white dust, one of the guys on YT said to just wash it off. I should have added rocks, I didn’t, I will do it later,


I have several plants in my house but my favorites are my African Violets. I start mine from leaf cuttings. When you give them the correct amount of light, they bloom beautifully. IMO, they are actually very easy to keep.
Picture for reference. Not my actual violets.



I am horrible with plants. They end up dying because of too much water or not enough. :sob:


I inherited from my mom a white one, it was first fine than I repotted it and I’m not sure I had issues with leaves getting brown spots, I’m guessing they don’t like water on leaves, it has recovered and bloomed last year beautifully twice in heart shape, I have to find a picture and will post it. the leaves have spread nicely and I would like to try the leaf cutting growth!

I had also a beautiful xmas cactus that flowered in November, December and Easter, but I have no idea what happened to it, it died, I have few leaf stems I tried to rescue and hope it will continue to grow… as this plant is also from my late mom.

I took 2 hibiscus plants indoor and one is flowering after trimming late fall. The other I trimmed too and too many yellow leaves fell and it seems it’s sprouting again…

My other plants are 3 orchids the bloomed for 6 months and started growing blooms again, only one does not want to bloom…

I still have an on and off going plague with these small black flies, I use some tablets dissolved in water every some months to kill the larvae, but they are tough… ev I have to repot when it gets warmer with new soil putting in microwave before using it. Finding good soil is also a hassle and carrying 40 lbs bags in my appt with no elevator another ;)!



Oh my gosh, you are a real indoor gardening trooper. Lugging 40 pound bags of soil (or anything) around is not fun.
Yes, violets do NOT like to have water on their leaves. I try to water mine by gently lifting or spreading the leaves a little. (Or you can put the water in the tray they are sitting in if they have one). Sometimes, I break a leaf off but no biggie as I start it and hope that it becomes a new violet eventually. I have noticed that my violets don’t mind a little neglect once in a while. They soon let me know they are not happy. LOL!
I repotted my two Christmas cactuses from the ‘sandier’ soil they were in to a mix of a little more robust type of ‘black earth’ soil and the ‘sandier’ soil they were previously potted in. They seem to be doing much better now.


Hahaha! I’m a former farm girl and I’ve killed my fair share of houseplants by being too kind to them or neglecting them. With my violets, I NEVER water more than once a week. They don’t mind having dry soil for a day or two. I usually water about every 1.5 to 2 weeks at my house. That is the schedule that seems to work best for me and my plants. :wink:


My mom has the green thumb but it didn’t get passed down apparently lol The only thing that she can’t grow is flowers.

I wish I could care for plants because I do like them but I never know when or how to water them. I guess if I really wanted to appreciate them I could look into their care more. I envy the ppl who can grow beautiful plants and gardens.


A plant that is virtually impossible to kill is a Peace plant. The one that I have was from my brother’s funeral back in 2002 and it’s still going strong. It will let you know when it is dry - the leaves start drooping. Give it some water and it perks right up!


Oh! I like those pants. They look so lonely though… They look exactly like their name. Peaceful and serene.


I love those ones too!! This one is with me for about 6 years!

and now has daughters :smiley: Have you heard about that they decide if bloom or not?



I did that, too! So my oldest daughter one day told me: water your plant once a week on the same day. I chose ONLY Sunday to water my plants, and I no longer drown them in water and kill them.

When we have a pattern when it comes to watering the plants, we can also control how much water we are given each of our plants. Succulents need very little water so I take half a cup of those party plastic cups, and pour the water it in the ‘‘middle’’ of the plant.

If by chance you added too much water to your plant, add on top some of the coconut fiber, and it will absorb the water, and they don’t die. Whatever you do, don’t ‘‘soak the soil’’ is a killer for the poor things.


I like succulents because they are so healthy to keep around the room. I just end up over-soaking them. :sob: If I ever get any new plants in the future, I’ll put more care into them.

I love plants and wildflowers, greenery scene. The smell of dirt and plants is very relaxing. If I could build a greenhouse I would.


check you tube, I have put plastic over my plants in a pot, put something like a stick in the middle of pot, kinda make a tent with plastic, walla a “greenhouse” of sorts, a homemade greenhouse, there’s a bunch on youtube as well

another thing, learn hydroponics, again check youtube, it’s fascinating, we were talking about your peace plants? a great one that has a bit of root, put it in water, see it grow!! mine has grown so big!! also for other plants too, um not for succulents though, will drown them

General Houseplant Care.

I just found this one, going to check it out today

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