Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


Wow, I wanted say something, but look what the system is telling me :joy::rofl::sweat_smile::

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Anyway, @somejuwels do you intend to sprout the seeds at home, if yes do you have enough space and what containers will you use?


I find little containers for starter seeds, not the store-bought kind, those cups with cat food is good, yogurt cups, even the small drink bottles, and as for space, we will find the space, even create a small greenhouse with plastic over the tops. put them in a corner or room not used and there you go, space…


Dear Simi,
what a nice reminder of the system :grin:

Last year I used big buckets like those, you use for cement. You can get them for a cheap price in a DIY market. We had potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, zucchinis, ginger and squash and others and some herbs. This year my husband and I want to rebuild our garden, which is not that big, but big enough for some raised beds. You know, we don’t get younger and such a raised bed is much better than crawling on the ground :smile: We just try to figure out, how much of them he accepts and how much I want. Compromising is the key :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So I bought a bunch of nursery pots for the seeds, made of paper and compostable. I will keep them in some transparent Ikea boxes, which allows me to put them out when the weather is fine and keep them indoors, when we get night frosts. And I hope that until the young plants are ready my hubby and I have started to realize our plans. :rose::herb::hibiscus::sunflower:


Wow that’s some big project. I think it all comes down how much light and space you have indoor. My apartment doesn’t have windows all the way down, so I’d need some type of a higher platform so it would be exposed to enough light. I know you could also use the eggs cartons that are of recycled paper but they might not be deep enough. And I’m not sure what those buckets for concrete or cement are, lol.

Since you have a garden, it’s much easier to transplant them than with just a balcony space in particular for cukes or squash, I didn’t have luck last year… or I didn’t do it right…
Well good luck!!:four_leaf_clover:
Garden work is hard work for sure, but the rewards pay off :wink:


simi11, a big lamp , thats what I have, and I am seeing roots…


Well, I use those for outdoor planting, they smell ugly, but after leaving them some days outside, the stink will vanish :smile: You can use them for hydroponics or drill some holes in it, so the excess water can flow out.

And you can build a wooden box around it and pimp it up ^^ Like this:


Do you know, that you can grow squash and melons and cucumbers and zucchinis vertical with a trellis? So you can grow them on a balcony, too.

I found a nice channel on YT, she’s growing a lot of vegetables on her balcony.

This channel is great, too, but only in German. Her voice is so soothing and she made lots of great videos for gardening.


This is a really good idea! Thank you for sharing this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did try that with cucumbers and zucchini, but they didn’t like it. I saw it at my cousin’s walk-in greenhouse, the cukes were huge hanging from the vines. - My issue is that now I just have a narrow balcony and I had a small raised bed but perhaps it was the soil, stuff didn’t grow well the only good harvest I had was strawberries till October and non stop chillis in pots :wink: some tomatoes though only for a month or two and I grew some onions too.

This looks really cool!! I’ve never heard of Mörtelkasten, but these would probably work for potatoes that are easy to grow. My only concern would be the plastic if it is “food grade”? - In US you can buy round buckets that are specifically food grade meaning for growing food or some food related usage, because some plastic could leach into soil that could go into plant. - So I looked up the plastic and and google says it’s food safe/lebensmittelecht.

Thanks for the links, these are some awesome ideas!!!


going to try that this year


does anyone have these? pickle plant

I have three elephant plants starting to grow


No but they look really lovely! I have also an update of my new cuttings:


thought I would share this this morning

I think that would be a neat thing to do this spring


those elephant ears are growing like anything! 5 are showing now!!


Oh! My orchid sprung a flowering branch when I wasn’t looking!

I need to get some elephant ears. They are hardy once they get going.

That prickle plant is cute! Do those little needles stick in your hand easily? I once had a cactus that had very fine, easy to stick in and stay on you needles. I kept that and lots of other cactus in my kitchen widow that was on a back entry - to thwart would-be robbers who might try to break in. Those little cactus spines in the butt are a real pain to get rid of. :laughing:

Oh! I need to order from my Johnny’s seed catalog! They had a hold on orders because of covid. But that went off end of February! They have some very good heirloom seeds.



heres mu elephant ears


Can anyone help me figure out what type of plant this is?


Soooo cute!!!

New Update from my side:

They are so big that I had to get 2 of the biggest ones out and now they have a new home! (Pics will follow later bc my phone doesn’t wanna work ^^’) :heart_eyes:


why are the leaves turning yellow?


Because it dries out so that a new leaf blooms afterwards :blush:

Here is the update:

And they are doing a great job, look how many flies they got! :star_struck:


Trim? Water every 2 weeks? Really? My aloe is lessee… almost 40 years old! Wow! I’ve had it a LONG time. It lives well on neglect. It’s near a window. I don’t water it that much at all,… Maybe once a month or two. If you water them too much they rot. They are succulents - desert plants - so when the leaves start to wrinkle just a bit, I’ll give it water. They plump right up. It’s about 4 feet tall. It throws out a tall flower spike every year.

Oh! MY ORCHIDS put out flower spikes last week and one is blooming already!