Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


boy! do I ever need to know this one!!

Watering – Another one of the many mistakes that people make with houseplants is improper watering. Overwatering is the number one reason for plant death in most cases. The proper way to water a houseplant is to water thoroughly until water escapes the drainage hole, and then discard excess water. All plants should be watered this way. The key is to know how much the soil should dry out in between. Check the soil before watering. As a general rule, water when the top 1 inch (2.5 cm.) of potting mix is dry. Plants like succulents and cacti should be allowed to completely dry in between, whereas plants like ferns don’t like to dry out at all. Get to know what plants you have and what they like.

Soil and Nutrients – Standard good-quality potting soil is fine for most plants, although some, including succulents, orchids, and ferns, do better in a mix formulated specifically for that plant. Never use regular garden soil. There’s also the common mistake is not fertilizing, which can lead to problems with houseplants down the line. Remember that unlike a plant outdoors, nothing will replenish nutrients in the pot of soil indoors. When it comes to fertilizer, don’t be overzealous. It is always a good idea to fertilize throughout the growing season with occasional applications of a weak, water-soluble fertilizer and cut back or stop during the winter. Some plants, such as African violets, do better with a special fertilizer for blooming plants.

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My best predictor of whether they’ll bloom or not is the lighting they receive. I’ve never heard of any signals the plant sends out other than the actual buds. :wink: That one is beautiful, BTW. My favorites have purple flowers.


I had to cover my plants with plastic today, the smaller ones I just planted in pots, fel;t cold, so thought I would do that just for tonight


I seen these and thought it is a nice touch for us gardeners

make holes with muffin pan then plant seeds


food inspired plant pots



the first idea is hella smart!!! o.o


how about this? too much for me, claustrophobia

If your houseplants ![:herb: are looking kind of sick during these long winter months, temporarily place a plastic bag order them and create an indoor greenhouse. The bag will trap the moisture and even capture what the plants produce by transpiration. !g) But, don’t leave it on for long. You don’t want to smother the poor thing… !And don’t try this with succulents, they won’t tolerate this kind of moisture.
then they used a succulent!!
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one more


wouldn’t this be a neat valentines day gift to someone, and maybe someone in the hospital

didn’t someone mention those little black flies ? here may be a remedy

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Brewed Tea bags If you are looking for an organic way to repel pests) your used tea bags can help you. Simply brew a weak tea with old bags and use it to mist f4at is really a great organic way to deter pests and fungal diseases and also provide plants some nutrition.

now where are those old heels I had??


I want to do this one!! fairy garden,


Even though I love my plants, having that many strung around my bedroom would not work. I live in a rental and I’m sure my landlord would not be happy to see all the holes punched in the ceiling from the plant hooks. My plants live in the living room in front of a big west-facing picture window or in the kitchen on a stand over the sink in the east window. While I do have a goodly amount of plants, I’m certain all the plants shown in the bedroom picture above would be over my comfort threshold. :smile:


I saw one in the forest near me will see if I can find the picture. It looked so cute…

I bought another houseplant… It just looked at me in the store and I couldn’t say no, it’s a bromeliad guzmania, my small living room has a quarter of space full of plants, but 3 of them are from my balcony I don’t want them to freeze the hibiscus started flowering…

I have 3 orchids and one I left in the sunny window and the leaves didn’t like it. There is a small orchid exhibit in a garden center near me and you can bring your orchid for some guidance about care and repotting etc., so I’ll go on Saturday.


I put plastic around mine yesterday, time to take it off, hopefully that helped them!!


anyone for hot peppers?


I’ve started to grow some Yacon plants this year and the first one is sprouting. They must be kept indoors or in a greenhouse until May in order to avoid freezing nights. You can grow them in containers, they look like sunflowers or Topinambur plants and can grow really tall, over 2 meters. The harvest of the roots is possible in autumn, but if you leave them in the containers somewhere frost-free you can harvest until spring. The taste is sweet like pears and melons and quite juicy.


I’ve had Yacons before. Good luck with growing it :smile:


Thank you! Did you have luck with growing them? I’ve got five roots from a friend and I like the taste, so I want to give it a try this year.


No, I haven’t tried growing them.
Do let us know if you succeed :blush:


I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:


I grew small red chilis in 2020 on balcony they didn’t need much care and I could harvest till October…

I bought on Saturday Yucca palm plants, one for me and one for my son they are small perhaps 2+ feet tall and nice green, I repotted them in white containers… I’d like to buy a succulent in German it’s called “Geldbaum” :joy: it’s supposed to bring you fortune such as money, don’t we need it all at times :rofl: - The English name for it is lucky plant, money plant and jade plant!!


The tubers look close to yams, are they sweet? I grew some potatoes last year. Btw I noticed your countertop, is this a quartz countertop… I used have one in my kitchen and the pattern looks very similar… I miss my old kitchen so badly :disappointed_relieved:


A friend gave me a leaf of her jade plant. It took me a long time to get it going but now it is about 18" tall and needs to be repotted as it is currently in a 6" pot. I need to do this soon as it’s threatening to tip over. LOL! My aunt gave me a huge jade ‘tree’ many years ago but I killed it with kindness; too much water. I won’t do that again.