Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


They almost look like sweet potatoes, but yes, they’re sweet and taste like a mixture of pears and melons. The countertop is the windowsill in my living room :slight_smile:


That’s already quite tall! And does it help to pay bills, lmao… perhaps the fibre would help to print bills… :rofl: I sadly killed my moms xmas cactus… I probably overwatered it it was in a pot with bad drainage and tall, or it was just getting old… I tried to rescue several leaves and nada… all gone…

I went on Saturday to an Orchid exhibit at a garden center… oh it was so beautiful to see so many varieties of orchids and expensive ones!! I’ll see if can post pics! I had to buy another type of orchid of dendrobium type… have to find the label…


Then these are exquisite windowsills! Here is a sample can’t say if color is close of what I had it was a cream white base with all these quartz pebbles. The pic is enlarged.


Thanks! :slight_smile: They look almost identical and I love them!


LOL! Nope, I’m on my own in the bill-paying department.
I repotted my two cacti; I think one is a Christmas cactus and one is an Easter cactus. There were in very ‘peaty-like’ soil so I mixed in some black dirt and they both seem to be doing much better.
I love Orchids but they always die on me after a year or so. Again, probably being too kind to them by over-watering. Any that I’ve gotten were given to me as I know better than to buy them. Hahaha!


anyone ever hear of dolphin succulents? they look neat, think I am going to try to find and grow them


I got a week ago an interesting succulent "Senecio/Curio “Mount Everest” a silver green colored, spikey kinda leaves not sharp but it likely will grow big… I just found out that these are toxic, so out of pet’s or children’s reach!

I had to look these up, what a funny looking plant with dolphin shape alike… there are tons of succulent varieties… I’m so surprised!! My daughter loves succulents and growth the babies…


Thanks! I have one that has never been blooming so I’m changing its place. And see what happens. :dizzy:


Good idea! Violets are light lovers although they are not fond of the sun blazing on their leaves. I’ve seen them get sun burned when in intense, day-long sun. Filtered light is best or if not filtered, then either morning sun or afternoon sun. If you give yours more sun, you should see some blooms but be patient as it may take a bit for this to happen. Good luck!


I thought these were quite interestingThese are the coolest Succulents I have ever seen!!



I am planning to pot some new succulents for inside, as for plants outside, I have a big work to do there, cant wait for it to warm up so I can. I am really thinking of growing some veggies this year, not a whole bunch, even herbs might be good too.


I actually LOL at this post. Thanks getting me started with a smile before my workday begins.


I just got a diffenbaca yesterday and a spider plant, wanted to get these for a very long time, so I ask my other “green thumbers” how do I take care of them, I do know the Diffenbaca is poisonous. I will take pictures and send to y’all



Shame on me for telling everyone that I killed my cactus… :shushing_face::sweat_smile:


no worse than killing an alo vera!


STOOOOOOOOP!!! Again, you’ve got me laughing out loud at your posts!!!


So does that also make me a bad person because I killed my cactus but it still looked alive so I continued to water it and didn’t know it was dead until I moved to another residence and it fell out of the pot when I moved it and discovered that it was a hollow shell inside? Asking for a friend…


I hope your ‘friend’ won’t be offended, but that made me giggle out loud. :smile:


LOL me too :rofl:
Fact is, I’m no better. My cactus is almost dead because I left it out overnight in the cold. :worried: Hope it can revive itself now that it’s back indoors.

@frustratedwriter Those posters of laundry baskets and tags :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I have a spider plant too. It’s not doing well because of the cold weather, I think. But I think it will survive and thrive when the weather is warmer. It’s very low maintenance. Just leave it where there’s light (sunlight would be the best for it) and don’t overwater it.


I’ve seen this variety without knowing its name. And now I know. They do look like little dolphins. Cute.