Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


would be neat to put in a small garden

I would love to have something like this!


The house I am currently in the process of buying has a large south-facing 4-season room with lots of windows. Boy, are my plants gonna love that! (And me too, of course!) :wink:


sounds lovely. so we can go there for our cake & coffee???


I had to take indoors my seedlings I put 2 weeks ago in a greenhouse on my balcony when snow and frost came. I have still some seeds that didn’t sprout in a egg carton covered, I guess the humidity produced something interesting I haven’t seen yet, mushrooms that don’t like full sun. A glassy umbrella, not sure if you can see the details on Viki because I have to resize the image.

Well I searched for the name of this short lived little wonder:



Those are so interesting!

Edit: Wow, they only last a matter of hours?! It’s cool that you caught them, @simi11.


well I stuck my plants out today, supposed to get up to 80, then would you believe another freeze warning for tomorrow!?
mama nature sure wish you would make up your mind!


Egg carton and paper pots may be eco-conscious, but they dry out very fast, get mouldy quickly and the soil will be spoiled, so the seedlings suffer. Reusable plastic pots are better.


My babies :slight_smile: Eggplants, bell peppers, chillis and physalis.


So far I’ve been lucky. I started seeds with coco peat in the egg cartons but had them in tray with a cover and once they grew I transplanted them in coco peat with starter soil in the plastic dividers tray, but the cukes and tomatoes grew too tall for the tray so put them in the paper tall cups and some in plastic cups and and then in a green house like you but on my balcony until the weather changed and with frosty temps at night I brought them inside.

The one with the mushroom is I think lavendel seeds I tried to grow… I see some development, but as you said the humidity (since covered) gave the soil a change of mind and grew this little ‘shrooms’. it is true the paper might not be the best option, I think the coco peat doesn’t have that organism to tend to mold like the soil that have so many mixes and wood chips in particular…

You have some equipment with the lamp :rofl: My son got the small fabric bags for slightly bigger seedlings, not like yours, he loves those and got a lamps as well… seedlings on the left…


Do you grow avocados (on the right side) and a raspberry in the container? On the left side cucumbers or squash? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have some more vegetable babies outside like cale, salads, broccoli, kohlrabis, covered with some protecting fleece. And started to grow my tomatoes, hokkaido squash and a few luffa gourds.


I have 2 hibiscus from last year (behind lemon tree), one is doing great and bloomed already and has more flower buds. The other shrub with large leaves is a lemon tree, that blooms but tiny lemons fall after off :roll_eyes: There is also a Yucca Palm hidden :smile:

As for the seedlings on the left it starts with pumpkin from saved seeds then cukes and heirloom tomatoes I saved seeds and cherry tomatoes, after that there are peppers and probably red radish and lastly calendula flowers.

The prickly small shrub on the right is gooseberry that will go to my sons rented garden lot and it flowers already, behind it is a small peony plant I got 3 weeks ago…

I have also herbs like oregano, sage, rosemary already fully grown and cut it down and outside I have from last year bee balm and lady’s mantle… and I have seedlings not in picture with sunflowers.
After Easter we’ll be sowing probably more veggies, onions and potatoes and kohlrabi…
and lettuce…
As for the first plant with spikes left on the bottom it’s a succulent…

I can’t wait to put them outside!! (I also have several orchids and Cuban oregano, they must be very confused right now :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

PS I will start later also the Hokkaido pumpkin, I have seeds too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



claypot people


I got a rosemary bush a few weeks ago, and now it looks like its dying, not enough light? watering too much? maybe both, so hoe can I get it back to living?


mine doesn’l look that green as before… I think I will repot it and add some compost soil… Mary perhaps it just needs some fertilizer… perhaps the soil has no nutrition… perhaps root do not have enough space as well… my old one is overrooted and needs repotting, I just didn’t have time and I will planted it in my son’s garden… and trimm roots before…

  1. repot? ok I will do that
    2 change the soil? ok
    3 havent thought of fertilizer
    so got some ideas there, yes I will do this I do have a nice large pot as well, hmmm wonder if coffee grounds would do good with it? I will have to look that one up thanks simi11


I transplanted it and put it near some sunlight, still cant put it out doors just yet, temp change again, and plan to put those food spikes in it too.


Like flowers and pick up during camping or hiking. Getting out into nature decreases what psychologists called rumination care negative thought patterns that play over and over in our heads such as dwelling on embarrassing or disappointing moments or thinking about everything we think is wrong with our lives. Never underestimate the ‘happiness effect’ of being outdoors and try to use new gears from everest .com


When I saw that my little yellow rose would bloom again, I thought on register it. Well, the result is this.


I put all my house plants outside today, and hopefully I can get them back in before it rains, again change in weather


got some lovely plants now, and I will take them out again today!! like they have revived , my rosemary bush not so , I think its gone, I sure hate that!!

going to get some more plants today, a mothers day gift from my son, can’t wait to find out what is being sent!!