Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


This species is called “Black Krim” I’m not responsible for this name :grinning:

Right now I have only unripe green ones outside, but the ripe tomatoes are really very dark, a black red.


so guess this will be a silly question, but do they taste like a tomato??


I think yes. The sister in law of my mother planted them in our garden and I wondered why are they so abnormally large so thank you for the info about the tomato :clap:

@somejuwels: I think I will try a phalaenopsis orchid, thank you for sharing your photos as well :blush:


Oh yes, they are so delicious! They have an incredible flavour! I’m growing black cherry tomatoes, too and the bought ones taste so bland compared to them. I had some ripened 2 weeks ago, one burst, but I use the seeds for next year.


Just took a round through the garden and this is my “harvest” from today :grinning: Black cherries and the orange cherries.
I still have a lot of green tomatoes and plan to harvest them next week, it’s getting too cold outside. They will ripen in a paper bag in a warm place.


that is a big surprise that you’re growing them like this (in water), I read a year ago, they don’t like much water just humidity, but perhaps these type of orchids are somewhat different than those growing in wild… this is an amazing result, the leaves on one I have become somehow withered… it’s now 1,5 years old and bloomed 4 times but now it doesn’t look good.

I had some type of heirloom tomato, also a dark color, growing in my garden once, they fruited late, but the size of them was huge, one was like 500 grams or one pound, they were delicious.
If you have green tomatoes and they are like fully grown but green, put them in a dark paper bag and keep them in a dry place, they will ripen. I picked my son’s tiger tomato and they are ripening nicely. - I also have the orange kinda cherry tomatoes, should I cut some stems :blush::laughing:


yesterday I got me a bunch of peace lilies! going to do a lot of transplanting, also the hydrophinics I mentioned, and some to trade for other plants or give as gifts. a bunch !!


I like very much orchid and this is one of my babies, I bought it about a year ago, it is a ludisia orchid. When I first saw it, I thought that it was so different from the orchids that I knew and I couldn´t resist, I bought it. To my surprise it is so easy to take care (I usually kill my orchid, principal my phalaenopsis – I know it a shame :frowning_face:). Two months ago I got a flower from it, I was so happy!



Looks really beautiful :heart_eyes:

Your pictures are really great to see :seedling::tulip::cherry_blossom:


hows that?? well tried to be funny!


How cute! :rofl:


I just got a bunch of peace lilies, I plan to get some glass bowls , for just a couple, place rocks and the plants in there, then maybe just maybe a fighting fish to go in there, just a thought anyway.


We had 5 big buckets with potatoes besides our doorway and yesterday I harvested them. I got almost 9 kilos, nice :grinning: I put them on the table to let the soil dry and will store them in a dark place, although they won’t last for long, we are 5 adults in my family. :fork_and_knife:


if in a dark place and not damp, should last awhile


Yes, but 5 adults will eat them pretty fast :joy:


Peace liies, alo vera plant, pothos,


Do you have a pothos? They looks beautiful :star_struck:


My plants at home aren’t anything special but here is a peony Itoh which I planted last year in my garden. It had only one flower this summer.


So beautiful! :heart_eyes:


decorating with succulents; these aren’t mine