Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


Oh, the first one has bowls for leaves! :open_mouth:


tghats some of whaty I would love to get, the others srtrings of pearls, burros tails etc.


Great pics! My aunt asked me how to make such decoration’s because she wanted to make her balcony more stylish lol But I do recommend to take not real plants but fake ones so it’s always like this ^^


you know (and maybe not) those old crates that they delivered milk in? get abut four, place 2 on bottom 2 on top, theres a way for the plants or improvise anyway you want them to be,

I don’t know where you are, but you can find those plastic shelves for absolutely a little, about 4 tier, and we got our old thrift stores, you can finds a bunch of stuff there too( um yard sales too) and if bad comes to worse, hang them high! get the screws put on top[of the awnings find the plant hangers and there you go! and no the real ones would do great on that patio/balcony!

a large water fountain also would do it


My X-Mas cactus is about to growing flower buds, it’s only November. All my cactuses would bloom in November and one in January. It there some rule to watering or no watering when it gets buds??



ok so I am being kinda funny here but thought I would share this one

Loving these #buttercream succulent cakes! 🌵 we are open for curbside pick up today! Click the link in our bio to view our November Curbside menu #whiteflowercakeshoppe #instacake #cakesofig #buttercreamcake #buttercreamlove


This looks nice! :heart_eyes:
I have few of them but I gave them too much water so one of mine died last year >.<
But I have a some fake ones lol I found them on amazon and they look so real because the outer material is very soft :kissing_smiling_eyes:


OMG! that’s a huge screen I have just 13" laptop… those apps :open_mouth: is this W7 software? The meteor shower is awesome!! The succulents are so sweet, no wonder they are intact even with some type of waves (PC/WiFi) going on :wink:


I need so much space because sometimes I play a lot, depending on my mood xd
But those two you can find them on amazon, like this: Click here
My background is from the game “Blood Code” so you can search this in the internet. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


ok especially for you,

can you believe they are crocheted?

and you don’t have to complain not enough room, not enough time to take care of plants


But make sure NOT to water them! :stuck_out_tongue:


so true!! oh and I do have real plants, think I mentioned I have peace lilies, alo vera, pothos


Can we see pictures? :slight_smile:


Omg so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If I have a chance to buy this I would do it right away :heart_eyes:


Maybe you can make them yourself! :slight_smile:


yeah that and the adjumi(?) y’know crochet the animals and stuff, guess I am going to find the patterns

my son got me a philodendrun, doing that hydrophonic with it, looks really good.


got a couple of plants fcrom someone, and I am trying to revive them by doing the hydrophonics, one is sproutinh roots, so yeaaa, the other two well I will have to wait & see


Good luck with your new plants! :raised_hands::green_heart:

I have also an update about my plants. Since few weeks I am trying to cultivate new butterworts because with the last time I did the wrong thing which caused them to die (coldness):

I can recommend a small greenhouse so you cultivate all cuttings and seeds ^^
In the winter period I also use a light which is an alternative to the real sunlight but I don’t know how it is called right now. :sweat_smile:


In late summer I bought some saffron croci, they are blooming now and I picked the first 3 flowers. Those little red threads are the real stuff, I will cut and dry them. Yeah, real saffron :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: