Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?




I have all the dirt.
I’m the heart and soil of this place.

Give me light (or give me death).
Put me where the sun don’t shine.
When I droop, you droop, we droop.
Aloe Ha


I make the air you breathe. You owe me.

ok nuff said, lets work out our plants this coming year!

Happy new year y’all!!


Thank you! I wish you also happy new year & may your wishes come true! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tada::partying_face::city_sunrise:


Doesn’t matter at what time the topic appears again …
I always read “Do you have plans?”
I just can’t help it.
Well I guess sometime in the winter I will start to plan what plants I will have in the garden this year, even not knowing what will happen and if I will have the time for gardening.


winter plans/planting


In the coming weeks I will buy this awesome thing:

At the moment I have not a arrangement so it’s a little mess right here with my propagation :sweat_smile:

I will show you the update on this because I am sooo excited to have seperate spots for each cutting :heart_eyes:


allrighty now! a mini greenhouse!! yes show me later, I want to get one for herbs as well


how about this one??

called the cat butler


rofl this is good! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I thought it was!!


This is my cactus, his name is Sirius, he had a sister Andromeda but she died… I hope to buy one more cactus, I love cactus! :cactus::heart_eyes:


does anyone plant plants like garlic, ginger, tumeric etc? I am going to try them this season and see what I come up with



This was me few mins ago because…

I am excited to use it now because the old one is a bit small.


yeah I got a lamp shoning on my plants as well, I got plastic on mine, too big for those small plastic covers you have. take out food trays???


I planted ginger indoors. Mine grew fine, but the ginger bulb didn’t grow particularly big, just small to medium. You can also brew the leaves :smile:


great! anyway I will try it.


I had garlic and used the greens for salads and seasoning and planted ginger last summer. You should start with ginger very early and let sprout them on a warm place before planting. Last year I started too late, although I got some nice ginger in autumn.


so ,y’all got on you tube and found a couple of places, experimenting with that hydroponics, they showed me step by step, so hopefully that will work, and indoors. I also am going to stick them in dirt too. cause I want garlic & ginger!!

ok everyone, I found something on face book and course I did respond, can you imagine someone hating to get their hands dirty , we are talking about planting the plants and the terra cota pots. and of course me I responded,“well if you hate getting your hands dirty, crochet a flower” I didn’t think of gloves at that time. yeah there is a phobia of getting your hands dirty, but hopefully they did take it the right waym you know me, I act before I think!!


You’re not alone :sweat_smile::grin:


ok everyone, my garlic is rooting in the water, got some neat roots there, so in a few days, plan to plant them in soil. and thought y’all would like this picture of something else


think this would be a cool craft to do, and of course you tube tutorial