Drama Titles in Every Language

Viki currently only allows Show titles and cover pages to be in certain languages only. That does not allow the people who don’t speak any of these language to easily find the show they’re looking for even if it is subtitled in their language.
I think it should be allowed that moderators in every show would be allowed to translate the title at least.

This is a link to the post on Viki Ideas, if you agree with it, please upvote it by clicking the button there
Thank you


You should see my Mom, who doesn’t know any English, trying to type an English title I give her in the Viki search bar :roll_eyes: It’s ridiculous she has to do it! :rage:


When my friends who don’t know English want to search for something they tell me and I send them back the picture with the title so they can find it. I can’t find a good reason for this.


I posted this subject on Viki Ideas. If you’d think this is something that should be implemented, then please vote for it. Maybe they would listen.
Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for being so lazy, but can you post a link to your suggestion here?