Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


I have watched a few episodes of that ‘Busted’ show. It could be funny, but it could also be ‘come on, as if that’s even believable’. It’s pretty corny. LOL

It did have an episode where the ‘suspects’ of the day were the group 5urprise. I enjoyed watching two of ‘my guys’ trying to convince them that they were not the ones who ‘dunnit’. :joy:


You can HEART anytime you want to!!! Thanks for loving the Umbrellas! :heart:


I think if you ‘heart’ after you’ve been informed you are out of them, it will show up for you, but it doesn’t actually ‘stick’. If you go out of the thread and come back in, the heart will be gone, sadly.




My sense of humor is what my sister calls “low-rent.” Puns are extremely culture-dependent, clichés can make one clutch one’s head and beg for mercy, and sight gags can make one gag. However, if the humor is really well-done and thematic, I will sit and laugh forever . . . or until I run out of snax.


I can’t say I’m not the same. Also, some people say that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, but I live in a very sarcastic world of my own choosing, so I guess I’m ‘low rent’ too.


The things that make me laugh probably belong in the back room of a bar - I love sarcasm and dirty jokes or innuendo!

I guess I’m low rent - @misswillowinlove


I think of this song when I think LOW RENT - but FANCY is the BEST - REBA McEntire!


Dirty jokes are interesting. There are “dirty” jokes that have to do with celebrating the fact that we are all human, we all have quirks. A good fart joke at the right moment brings people together. I can swap jokes like that all day long. In fact, once I get started, I can’t quit.

Other “dirty jokes” are not just dirty, they are soul-killing, and I will have none of that kind of humor.


There are “dirty” jokes that are told purely for the purpose of humiliating and alienating people and denying them the dignity of their inherent humanity. Think of what Korean comfort women had to listen to while their abusers were waiting in line for a quickie.

And it’s been the same since human history first started being written down. Across cultures and across continents, in times of war, in times of peace, there are men AND women who thoughtlessly humiliate others with the ugliest, most demeaning “jokes” they can come up with.

There is a place in the lowest levels of Hell for such people.


No not that - I laugh at innuendo or plays on words - Never anything that is degrading or humiliating! No- I just have a quirky mind and things especially “DRY” humor makes me laugh like crazy!!!


The reason I like FANCY is because she was dignified and loved herself in the song to the very end.


We Heart It

I opened my Goblin CD finally because of @stardust2466_546
It is the most beautiful CD ever! If you don’t have the boxed Goblin CD set!
Get it for a gift to yourself.!!!


Yep, me too. I am often accused of having my mind in the gutter at all times because I can ‘hear’ innuendo in almost anything.


LOVED AND SOBBED over this scene!


That is a better way to understand my humor - I love good “innuendo” makes me die and roll on the floor or spit out my drink



I love his RED umbrella - Just isn’t anything like

We Heart It

And the symbolic RED :heart:



Added to my Umbrella Collection - Thank you!


How about an umbrella scene where not one but TWO hotties show up to save you from the pouring rain?

From the following drama:


I already added to umbrellas collection


Ooh, looks great. T-dramas do family conflict and resolution so well. Plus they have so many real-time opportunities to whip out umbrellas. Typhoon much?


Unless you have tolerance for the FL having a ridiculous amount of not just forgiveness, but actually tolerating and forgetting a stupid amount of injustice, pass it by. Ok, there are people who love this drama, but it made my blood boil.